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2K Games is a powerful third-party supporter of the Nintendo Switch system and brought the next collection, BioShock, to Nintendo Switch last year: The Collection, XCOM 2 Collection, and Borderlands Legendary Collection. Virtuos, the team that handled these ports, told Automaton Media about how to handle the porting process and problems encountered along the way.

How did you work to optimize both? BioShock: Switch Collection and XCOM 2 Collection?

phone: First, I played the game on a real console and identified performance hotspots that slowed down the frame rate. We then analyzed both the CPU and GPU to determine the cause of the problem. After compiling and analyzing all the hotspots, I made a plan to optimize everything. We laid out the tasks and evaluated the efficiency of each task, including working hours, the right number of people for the task, and potential benefits and impacts on overall quality.

CPU performance can change fairly quickly by reducing resolution and graphics settings, so CPU optimization is usually a priority. You need to understand in detail both how a particular feature is implemented and the strategy for changing or utilizing CPU resources as much as possible. This is a very time consuming process.

Always first try to use the switch’s unique features on the Maxwell GPU before reducing the resolution and image quality. Maintaining a stable frame rate is more important than preserving the graphics capabilities of the game version on more powerful hardware. With that in mind, we may arrange the graphics features in order of priority and simplify or remove some of the lowest priority features.

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Virtuos talks about porting BioShock and XCOM 2 to Switch

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