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Rivaldo was 32 years old when he left his native Brazil for Greece.Previously, especially after great success in Europe Barcelona..

Returning to Brazil was thought to have ended his career, but after not much coverage of Cruzeiro, he unexpectedly returned to Europe with Olympiacos.

Rivaldo enjoyed the renaissance of his career and achieved many excellent goals.

We teamed up with soccer analyst Marius Fischer, known on Twitter as @ Gegenpressing91, and used magic in Microsoft Excel to plan all of Olympiacos’ rebound scores.

Marius says:

“The great Brazilian left footer Rivaldo playing at Olympiacos Piraeus? Not the picture many of us thought of.

“But in fact, he spent four years in Greek. Super league It was one of the best destinations for the “old star” the day before Russia, China, Qatar and others emerged to change it.

“Rivaldo became a superstar in Barca, scoring 86 goals in 157 games and sending the team to the Champions League with many magical goals like an overhead kick in the last moment with CF Valencia.

“As he grew older, he changed the game and became a more classic striker. In the case of Olympiacos, he scored 36 goals in 70 games and Rivaldo was already in his thirties, but football in Greece It turned out to be too easy for him.

“He won Volley, Rob and Rabona. His left foot was too deadly for the defender. Super league..

“His famous goal was a long-distance free kick from a hard angle, scoring a winning goal in the national cup final. This was a memorable goal for all Olympiacos fans.”

The best year of Rivaldo has certainly come Barcelona At club level, he is also the World Cup winner in Brazil, but his period in Greece diminishes as one of the most impressive second acts in the last two decades.

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Visualize Olympiacos Rivaldo Goals Visualize Olympiacos Rivaldo Goals

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