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Vitor Belfort Informing him that he wants to fight Jake Paul Next or otherwise.

Vitor Belfort is away from him Exhibition match beats Evander Holyfield And he is already looking forward to the next match. Belfort wants to fight Jake Paul and he is willing to threaten to get it done. He hasn’t threatened Paul with violence, but has threatened to create a YouTube channel instead. Paul is a famous YouTube celebrity who has moved to boxing. Belfort is new to boxing and has a long career in MMA, is he really suitable for YouTube?

“Jake Paul, he deserves it,” Belfort said at his post-war press conference. “He’s choosing an opponent, he’s working with a man [Nakisa Bidarian] The person who worked with Lorenzo [Fertitta], Our ex-owner. He is choosing a fight. Now he can’t say no to me. He must say so. We have to teach him a lesson. If he says “no”, all his little fans will come — I create a YouTube channel and they have to come to follow me. I created a YouTube channel and there are 3 great athletes in the house to entertain all his fans. He has no morals, so he has no family values. He does not represent a fighter. “

Belfort’s defeat of Holyfield puts him in a good position to take another fight under the umbrella of Triller. However, it seems unlikely that there will be a fight with Paul at this time.Paul has He suggested that he might be able to challenge MMA fighters completely.Holyfield was stepping into this battle instead Oscar de la Hoya, Who Belfort should have fought. His next match could easily be a match against Delahoya.

There are multiple boxing possibilities at this point, but Belfort seems to want Paul. Hello, The $ 25 million winner will fight every battle. If money doesn’t do it, he jumped Paul / Woodley Tattoo Train Similarly.

“He’s just getting attention and someone has to give him a whip,” Belfort said. “And that’s me. I’m his father. I put him on my lap. He’s going to meet Dad. Big Daddy. He’s going to meet Big Daddy. You see, I’m you He’s going to say “Big Daddy”, which he’s going to call me. He’s going to have a tattoo, “Big Daddy”.
“No, when. He’s going to call me Big Daddy. That’s all. And he needs to understand that there are levels in this. Life is first class, second class, third class. There is a level of. That is how tennis works. “

Want to see Jake Paul take on Vitor Belfort in a boxing ring?

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Vitor Belfort shares the consequences of Paul’s rejection of a fight offer Vitor Belfort shares the consequences of Paul’s rejection of a fight offer

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