VIZIO AMD FreeSync Update to 2021 TVs, 4K 120Hz For Next-Gen

VIZIO is rolling out performance updates on 2021 series TVs, including P-series (PQ9 and PQX), M-series (MQ7 and MQ8), and OLED models. This enhancement adds AMD FreeSync to the ProGaming engine on the M-series Quantum, P-series Quantum, and P-series Quantum X.

Here’s what you’ll see depending on the model you’re using:

VIZIO P series (PQ9 and PQX)

  • AMD FreeSync Premium VRR
  • Enhanced 4K 120Hz graphics performance
  • Sharper local dimming
  • Enhanced black level performance
  • Improved SDR and HDR brightness
  • Improved judder reduction

VIZIO M series (MQ7 and MQ8)

  • AMD FreeSync VRR
  • Sharper local dimming
  • Enhanced black level performance
  • Improved SDR and HDR brightness


  • 4K 120Hz next generation graphics
  • Smoother variable refresh rate
  • Improved judder reduction

The central focus of this update is to add a smoother experience without artifacts or screen tiering. This is a symptom of the TV refresh rate not matching the console frame rate output. VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) matches the output of the console and avoids rendering half-frames that create screen crevices and artifacts, especially in action- and motion-rich scenes. AMD FreeSync also advertises the benefits of low input latency. Specifically, M-series TVs have AMD FreeSync and P-series have AMD FreeSync Premium.

Bill Baxter, VIZIO’s Chief Technology Officer, commented on the new AMD FreeSync Performance Enhancement Update.

Today’s games are more demanding than ever, and so are today’s gamers. We have worked with AMD to make AMD FreeSync technology available in the 2021 collection, providing users with a smooth, high refresh rate gaming experience. With the impending release of the long-awaited game consoles from Microsoft and Sony, consumers are demanding a big-screen, high-end gaming performance commitment that fits their passion. VIZIO’s 2021 lineup fulfills that commitment, some with best-in-class 4K quantum color image performance and industry-leading peak brightness.

VIZIO’s 2021 TV line is equipped with HDMI 2.1, the latest high-performance standard for HDMI connectors, and is ready for the next generation right out of the box. VIZIO has solidified its position as a television for gamers in partnership with. Marvel AvengersTout affordable next-generation features, ready-to-use when new consoles are available in just a few weeks.

VIZIO Performance Update Brings AMD FreeSync to 2021 Line of TVs, 4K 120Hz Support for Next-Gen Gaming

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