Void Biological Review-The Whims of the Universe

Void Organism has a very interesting core idea. You are exploring the abandoned spaceship and bouncing from wall to wall to discover its secrets. Sometimes it’s great, and sometimes it’s a frustrating experience that tests patience rather than fingers.

The controls here are very simple. You can swipe and push in any direction. The stronger the swipe force, the further you will go. When you’re near a wall, you can tap the screen to grab it. Swipe again to launch. Rinse and repeat.

But then the game begins to throw danger. The gravity pipe bursts, creating a swirling vortex that grabs you and spits it out. Some plants are elastic. It covers the wall and means you can’t be caught.

Things can quickly become difficult and can lead to frustration. The first few gravity wells you come across, you’ll be fine. Second, there is a double well, and it is very likely that you will notice that you are clenching your teeth and bouncing around it every second you spend there.

Due to the simple controls, you may not be able to stop the momentum and bounce from wall to wall, creating an annoying loop. You have to wait until your bounce puts you somewhere where you can actually do something.

Here’s an interesting story unleashed by a small conversation at the beginning of every level. You can also play the level. Try to get the best grade by completing the level within a certain time within the movement limit.

Void Organism is two half games. It’s full of great ideas, but sometimes those ideas go beyond that, and it’s a nasty battle of exhaustion. It’s amazing when it works, but if you want to see everything it has to offer you will have to overcome a lot of frustration.

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Void Organism Review – The Vagaries of Space

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