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Volvo Product Manager Approves Rigid Drawbar Cart

After seeing the innovative rigid drawbar converter bogie at the last Brisbane truck show, Volvo Group Australia National Customer Product Trainer Billmanton was keen on making the right on-road assessments on different road train combinations.

The evaluation was made on a 8,000km round trip from Brisbane to Darwin.

“We tried the converter trolleys in different combinations, pulled by the Volvo FH XXL,” Menton said.

“First B-double, then A-double, then towed behind the Type 2 BAB quad, and finally the combination was replaced with the Type 2 ABB quad, further moving the dolly away from the prime mover.”

According to Menton, the dynamic performance of the trailer and rigid drawbird dolly was very similar to the B-double combination in the A-double combination. That said, it was very stable, especially during the horrific work that road train drivers had to do. Remove the left wheel from the black top to make room for oncoming vehicles.

“The dolly did not give any kickback force over the big bumps through the prime mover,” Menton said. “This gave the driver more confidence in stability, tracking, and overall trailer control in different combinations.

“When I used it in a BAB quad setup, the combination was better than a regular Type 2 triple combination. It didn’t swing much from side to side and much more when needed to give. It was controllable. The road to wide loads or narrow bitumens, “he said.

During the test, Menton explained that he and his team found that the rigid drawbar converter trolley was far superior to the regular converter trolley.

“A regular converter trolley has a pivot point on the drawbar, so you tend to play a bit there,” he said. “This new dolly has a rugged drawbar that removes everything. Its handling is great.”

This is an opinion shared by others in the industry, including Dennis Luhan, General Manager of the AJM Transport Group. Dennis Luhan was most impressed with the reduced tire wear when trying new bogies with three different configurations: ABB Quad, BAB Quad and BBA Quad. On a similar route between Brisbane and Darwin.

“The driver loved it and didn’t want to return it. It was good because it was a bit negative when it first came in,” Luhan said.

“That’s not what we’ve seen a lot on the East Coast. Overall, the performance was much better than the current Dolly, especially the brake and tire wear.”

Roohan described tire wear as “great” compared to what the company is currently experiencing with traditional dollies.

“When I got the dolly, I was already driving about 30,000 km and the tires looked new. In today’s Dolly, at 30,000 km the tires are already about one-third worn.”

Asked if he believes that more of these dollies will be seen in the near future, Roohan said: “It will be an educational process until you talk to someone who got it and tried it.

“I have some of these dollies and I know the Newcastle operator using them in the A-double. I’ve seen his tire wear and it’s outstanding. Masu – The concept has been proven.

“Education is the key to moving forward to convert traditionalists,” he said.

Bill Manton, Volvo Product Manager.

Volvo Product Manager Approves Rigid Drawbar Cart Volvo Product Manager Approves Rigid Drawbar Cart

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