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Of course, that depends on the person, but your favorite console generation is often the one you played the most in your childhood. An impressive early teenage sweet spot that forms the basis of game memories. It’s when you play a classic that goes back to the second half of life for the pure pleasure of meeting old friends and using muscle memory to comfortably blow up familiar games. For many of us, the 16-bit era has solidified our love for video games, and the Super Nintendo will turn 25 later this month.

Anniversary is approaching, so please summarize the top 50 Super Nintendo games so far. I recently asked to rank in the top 50 Wii games. The order of this list is similarly fluid and is determined by user ratings for games in the Nintendo Conway’s Game of Life database and is subject to change after publication. When an entry reaches the lowest rating, it will be included in the Top 50 list of SNES games.

Below is a partial list of SNES libraries. Feel free to let us know in the comments if there are any missing items that you would like to rate. If possible, please let us know which games you think will be in the top 50. We will do our best to accommodate the additions. To rate a title, scroll through the alphabetical list to find the game you’re looking for (or enter the title in the search bar at the top and save your finger to scroll), then click the star to 1-10 Shows the rating. Click on the score you feel deserves it — the job is done! If you’ve rated SNES games before, raise your feet. Those scores are already logged. Also, if you need reminders for a particular game, click on the game title to see vintage reviews and screenshots.

The results will be published before and after the anniversary, but in the meantime, it’s a nice evaluation!

Thank you for rating your favorite (or otherwise). Feel free to contact us about your favorite Super Nintendo games below. We will announce the results next week.

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