VR game gravity blends puzzles with real accessibility challenges

Gravitational is a new VR game by Electric Monkeys Studio that blends gravity-based puzzles with real accessibility challenges.

Electric Monkeys brand new VR game gravity It blends gravity-based puzzles with real accessibility challenges. Electric Monkeys Studio is the gaming division of Studica Solution, a company focused on interactive educational experiences.The studio has developed some Educational games for kids, from Mage’s Ace, A third-person adventure game set in a fantasy world, HitTheZombies, A mobile game that you can play for free.When gravity Not the studio’s first foray into the world of Zero-G, the creator of the 2D platformer Hero of gravityIncorporated the adventure of gravity shift. gravityHowever, it poses additional challenges to the world of Zero G, which aims to represent communities with disabilities.

What can i do gravity The unique VR experience involves the wheelchair-using protagonist, which poses additional accessibility challenges not often found in the gaming industry.Games like Life is strange When Sly Cooper It features such characters, but consistently promotes more. last year, Bethesda has added a wheelchair to Fallout 76 After a wheelchair fan asks the developer to add her help to the game. Electric Monkeys is about to make breakthroughs in various disability expressions.

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Electric Monkeys indie VR game gravity Is a puzzle game that adds real accessibility challenges to Zero-G gameplay. Available via Steam and Viveport on November 11th at Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index gravity Introducing Sebastian, the main character who uses a wheelchair.Experimental reactor using state-of-the-art gravity-based technology fails.. This game will also be available on PlayStation VR from the PlayStation Store.

gravityBy focusing on Sebastian, a talented scientist and a disabled protagonist, players will be able to: Experience the accessibility challenges of individuals using wheelchairs.. The game is fixed as an immersive VR experience that promotes inclusiveness and expression on a scale rarely seen in video games. gravity It combines gravity-based challenges with the inaccessibility faced by wheelchair users to shed light on the obstacles faced by people with a variety of disabilities. This game brings a unique perspective to VR gameplay, trying to share Sebastian’s experience as he navigates a world not designed for him.

In VR games, users often need to imitate movements such as running, jumping, and dodging bullets. This can, in essence, intimidate many.Currently there is a big push for developers Add comprehensive accessibility features to your game, But it can be very difficult for VR title developers. gravity It seems that they are introducing a unique VR experience that allows players to see the new world from a different perspective. Overcoming challenges and solving puzzles through Sebastian’s lens is certainly interesting. Providing typical gameplay depends on the implementation of ideas by Electric Monkeys.

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gravity It will be available on Steam, Viveport, and PlayStation Store on November 11th.

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VR game gravity blends puzzles with real accessibility challenges

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