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Summary: The World Anti-Doping Agency, which bans national athletes from using the Russian flag, is investigating whether Haas coloring is compliant.

Haas coloring attracts WADA’s attention

Haas 2021 F1 season On Thursday, the colors of the Russian flag will mainly appear.

It’s a team driver, following last month’s news Nikita MazepinIs prohibited from displaying the national flag on sporting goods, along with other Russian athletes, under the ban inherited from WADA. This ban was imposed in response to a lengthy investigation into a doping program supported by the Russian state.

WADA told RaceFans, “We are aware of this issue and are investigating with relevant authorities.”Haas team principal Gwenzer Steiner said this week It is up to WADA, not the FIA, to determine if Livery is compliant.

Quote: Dieter Lengkeng

There are no spectators at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Baku races are done without fans

Promoters at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix have confirmed that this year’s race on June 6th will be held without spectators for a pandemic.

Last year’s race was one of several races that were completely canceled as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Of course, I’m happy that F1 is back in Baku after such a difficult time, but great fans who played an important role in making this race weekend such a special occasion every year. I miss you deeply, “said Baku City. Arif Rahimov, Circuit Executive Director. “Our message is as simple as a heartfelt message. I miss you. See you again.”

Fans who have purchased tickets for last year’s race will be able to use them for next year’s Grand Prix.

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Wada is “examining” Haas’s Russian coloring Wada is “examining” Haas’s Russian coloring

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