Wade kills MCU with amazing Deadpool 3 fan art

Now that is confirmed dead Pool As he planned to join the MCU, there was a lot of speculation about how he would enter the shared universe and what would form the story. Deadpool 3 It may take.Rumor selection, clear title Deadpool kills Marvel Universe, Now there is some fan art that suggests what it looks like.

The story sees the X-Men committing Deadpool to Ravenscroft Asylum to cure the madness, but the doctor treating him brainwashes Deadpool, bids, and hears the madman’s inner voice. A more efficient killer controlled by a microscopic megalomaniac psychoman to get rid of and make him. But the plan backfires, and another voice appears in Wade’s mind, commanding him to kill everyone to free them from the narrow continuity of the comics.

This image shows Natasha Romanov and Gamora plunging onto a cliff in Volmir, a vision that died in Wakanda after the Mindstone was torn from the head, Tony Stark after the ultimate sacrifice to defeat Thanos, etc. The Avengers vision uses all the dead, skillfully using reclaimed movie shots Ultron era, All of this reminds us that the MCU was not a remarkable death stranger.

Of course, there is no way to slaughter dozens of characters who have spent decades establishing a movie in one fell swoop. Therefore, adapting the story requires loopholes to prevent the event from having a permanent impact. One possibility is “it was all a dream” deus ex machina. This is certainly widely recognized as the most lazy cop due to the nature of Deadpool. The other is that, like comics, the story is told in a different reality, inhabited by evil twins. dead Pool You can kill without guilt before finally making his way beyond the plane to Earth-199999.

Wade kills MCU with amazing Deadpool 3 fan art

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/deadpool-3-fan-art-sees-wade-kill-the-mcu/ Wade kills MCU with amazing Deadpool 3 fan art

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