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WA Kaolin is a mineral extraction and processing company and is the sole owner of the Wickepin Kaolin Project in the town of Wickepin, 220 km southeast of Perth, Western Australia.

The project is one of the largest known remaining kaolin premium primary resources in the world, with 30.5 million tonnes of ore reserves, 109.1 million tonnes of mineral resources (reported in 2019), and 644.5 million tonnes. Tons of premium premium kaolinized granite.

WA Kaolin invested approximately $ 42 million to acquire a project from Rio Tinto in 1999. This included all engineering and feasibility studies related to Nagaya, and the foundation for commercializing the project was developed.

As part of that work, WA Kaolin conducted trial mining and processing and developed a dry processing method (K99 process) at the Kwinana plant. It produces ultra-brightness along with high quality Wickepin kaolin resources. High quality kaolin products at low cost compared to other methods that rely on chemical bleaching and multiple wet mechanical and magnetic separation methods.

The Quinana plant has a maximum production capacity of 5 tons per hour and currently operates on a roster 16 hours a day, 5 days a week.

WAK is scheduled to be listed on ASX in November 2020.

WAK-WA Kaolin | Australian Equity Forum WAK-WA Kaolin | Australian Equity Forum

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