Walheim patch fine-tunes the timing of hammers, hos and cultivators

Alex Calvin, Tuesday, March 30, 2021 14:16 GMT

A mini-update of the Early Access Survival title has been released.

Developer IronGate has reduced the time it takes to re-use a tool as part of a new tool Walheim update.

In a Steam post, the studio states that it has tweaked the timing of tools such as Hammer, Hoe, and Cultivator. This means players can use the Hammer to build and repair things slightly faster, and the Cultivator to farm more efficiently. .. Hoe tweaks will allow users to change Valheim lands faster.

This is part of a “mini patch” where Iron Gate introduces localization updates to fix Valheim’s sound issues.

The company also added new footstep sound effects for when players are sneaking into the snow, and added names that are missing in the game’s credits.

Launched in early February, Walheim has sold over 6 million copies and reached a record of 500,000 simultaneous players. Iron Gate is also working on a larger update for the title Hearth and Home, which previously tweaked some high-priority bugs, including network errors.

Walheim’s problem does not stop people from being incredibly creative in the game, including one player who has succeeded in making things underwater.

If you need help playing Walheim, you should check out our Early Access Survival Title Guide here.

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Valheim patch tweaks Hammer, Hoe and Cultivator timings

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