Walheim patch fixes world corruption bugs and changes boss difficulty

Stephanie Nannery, Thursday, February 25, 2021 16:35 GMT

A new Valheim patch has been released, fixing some of the world’s corruption bugs.

Today’s Walheim There are some major changes in the patch, the biggest being the updated socket backend, which should improve connectivity issues for many players.

Vulkan support is enabled and can be enabled by adding “-force-Vulkan” as a launch option in the Steam properties. This may fix some random crashes related to the GPU driver.

Fixed world corruption caused by pressing ALT + F4 at the same time as logging out. Some balance corrections have also been made to the boss to make it more challenging.

Developers should note that due to changes in character data at rest due to this patch, once a character is loaded and saved in this new version, it will not be able to load in older versions of Valheim.

The complete patch notes are:

  • Craft Items-Duplicate bug fixes
  • Fixed bugs for harped players and ships
  • Fixed player ragdoll
  • Adjusting the difficulty of Bonemass, Moder, Yagluth
  • Contemporary music has been updated
  • Toomstone bug fix (probably disappearing toomstone will not be fixed)
  • Fixed world corruption caused by pressing ALT + F4 while logging out.
  • Deskite has a slightly longer hearing range
  • Fine-tune the audio of the blast furnace and spinning wheel
  • Shared map location settings are saved for each world
  • Updated network statistics (F2)
  • Building destruction drop fix
  • Vulkan support for Windows builds
  • Network disconnect bug fix
  • Updated socket backend

The game has recently sold 4 million copies. Within a week of its launch, the Viking-themed title sold over 1 million copies, surpassing 2 million copies in less than two weeks. By the 16th day after it hit the market, the game had sold 3 million copies.

You can check out our essential Walheim guide here. It covers topics such as how to create, build and process various boss battles.

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Valheim patch fixes world corruption bug, modifies boss difficulty

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