Walheim Stone Building Guide-How to Make a Stone Cutter and How to Build a Fortress

Most of Walheim’s survival experience is to build a solid foundation that is protected during sleep and builds up all the different equipment. Building a building with stones is much stronger than the wooden structure you can build first, but you need to do some work to unleash the ability to move stones. Here’s everything you need to know to make a stone cutter and start making stone structures.

Advances in the Bronze Age

Accessing stonework requires metal tools, and obtaining metal is a long and complex process. Your ultimate goal is to build a stone cutter, a craft station that allows you to build stone structures. However, you need to have access to Iron to get it. This means you have to explore the Swamp biome and defeat the first two bosses of Valheim.

To get an iron, you must first forge the bronze and unlock the bronze tools and the ability to create gear. See the Bronze Guide for how to do this. The point is that you need to get all the upgrades you can get from the Meadows and Blackforest biomes and defeat the bosses before you can start making seriously cool things out of stone. You also need a bronze pickaxe (made of 10 bronze and 3 core woods).

An important part of this step is defeating the elders, apart from having the ability to smelt and craft from metal. The Black Forest Biome Boss unlocks the Swamp, an item needed to put yourself in the Swamp Biome location for the next step in the process. There are guides on how to undertake The Elder, alone or with the Viking team.

Step into the Iron Swamp

When the elder is defeated, he is ready for the next biome, the Swamp. This is a tough place full of dangerous and toxic enemies, and you will want to upgrade your gear as much as you can before you go to one. Your goal here is to find a sunken basement, a dungeon in the swamp biome. You can unlock the dungeon by using the swamp key obtained from the elder. Inside is a large black scrap pile that blocks the doorway. Crush them with a pickaxe and get a chance to find scrap irons. Check out the Iron Guide for more information on how to find and refine iron for use in crafting.

Create craft tools

Once your repertoire includes Iron, you can build the rest of the tools and craft stations you need to get started. Using 2 irons, 4 stones and 10 woods, we will create a new craft station, the Stone Cutter (which also requires a workbench), which will act like a workbench during construction. For the construction to work, you need to stay within the radius of the stone cutter, so place it near where you start building with the stone.

As mentioned earlier, you will also need a pickaxe and a hoe (made of 5 trees and 2 stones). We recommend upgrading from a previously created bronze pickaxe to a durable iron pickaxe that cuts rock, obsidian and other materials.

Start building your stone

Stones make some big and impressive buildings, but large blocks of stones can be awkward to handle, so it's probably a good idea to include trees as well.
Stones make some big and impressive buildings, but large blocks of stones can be awkward to handle, so it’s probably a good idea to include trees as well.

Once everything is done, you’re ready to start building. Place a stone cutter near where you want to work (unlike a forge or workbench, you don’t need a roof) and use a pickaxe to mine stones from the ground-just dig or crush the rocks in the area. You can put it in. You’ll probably need a lot of stones in your inventory, so be prepared to spend some time procuring them. The good news is that it’s available everywhere.

When you’re ready to build, use Hoe where you want to place the structure. Flatten the ground or build it low.The stone block Lots Heavier than wood. Where trees can attach to other parts of your structure and hang in space without any support, stones will crumble without a solid foundation.

Stone walls are thick and cumbersome, so it is advisable to combine stone and wooden structures. You can also use corewood beams in the corners of stone buildings to close holes or reinforce areas where stones are not tightly sealed. With enough stones, you can build a fairly large and complex fortress.

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