Walker Episode 6 Review: No Bar

Finally revealing that Trent or Trevor is in Cordell’s dangerous past gives Abbey’s hesitation credibility. And that justifies the feeling that “from the moment I saw him, I never trusted his weasel’s face.” The feeling that many readers can connect without hesitation for a moment. Especially because this is just the beginning of the problem this boy is trying to cause to the Walker family.

Talking about Walker, Cordell initially refused to sell the bar … it felt childish. Sadness is something that must be dealt with individually on a case-by-case basis. No one can force it into their hands, nor can they eliminate it. “No bar” brings that emotion to the fore and centeres when Walker escapes. He even destroyed the bar that Emily loved with a moving compliment to her heritage. Again, this is a childish hint of pride and loss.

Without Mickey, Walker’s development would have been boring “without a bar.” She doesn’t just deal with her own problems related to her mother. She prepares her partner to have to cross the road with her. This leads to some charged moments, which are the furthest from sexual tension. They are tense moments born of the need to challenge every turn Walker takes.

This challenge leads to a deeper connection between Mickey and Walker. It is based on friendships that are rarely seen on TV shows. The two can become friends and one day become a family if they continue on their current path. Personally, for those who have a spark of connection, it’s a welcome change from their love of television.

Walker Episode 6 Review: No Bar

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