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The co-owner of Walkinshaw Andretti United suffered a bout of unpleasant symptoms of the virus in February.

He became infected after regaining permanent residence in Monaco following nearly a year’s mission in Australia.

The exact cause of the infection is unknown, and he and many of his friends were infected with the virus after a Saturday luncheon held in accordance with Monaco’s health guidelines.

“I was fine on Sunday and woke up with a slight cold on Monday morning,” Walkinshaw told

“I decided to be tested as safe, and I was positive. Here they send you home and tell you not to leave home for two weeks. I am Paracetamol I was told to take and was given a hotline number to call and register. The doctor called me every day to see what I was doing.

“I felt better for the first few days and then started to taste and smell. Then I started coughing. This was terrible. It was the worst cough I’ve ever had, every 5-6 minutes. I felt like going. I burst my lungs from my throat. It was very uncomfortable.

“Initially, sleep deprivation was the most difficult thing to deal with. You just can’t sleep. You sleep for an hour, then wake up and cough for the next 45 minutes.

“My partner Haley, she removed it from me, but it was a few days late, so she was watching in real time what she would have to deal with, it’s not very comfortable for her. You will get insomnia. You can’t sleep even if the virus symptoms improve. “

It was pneumonia that occurred in the second stage of the battle that landed Walkinshaw in the hospital.

“I was infected with COVID for 19 days, but in the end it got a little more serious,” he said.

“About eight days later, I’ve improved for about three days. I was excited and thought I could get over the hump and take care of Haley.

“Then it hit me like a brick ten times worse than before. My fever was 39 degrees, quite high, and my cough got worse. Cough violence was something I had never experienced before. It used to be so violent that I was throwing me out when I was coughing.

“I had really terrible pain and shortness of breath. After such 5 or 6 days I went to the doctor and they told me that COVID turned into pneumonia. They started to raise my O2 level. So I sent me to the hospital the next morning and it was pretty terrible and I had difficulty breathing.

“If you are young, they give you a lot of antibiotics, a daily drip and a lot of antivirals, and then send you along the way. Fortunately that’s what happened to me.

Although he is now recovering from the virus itself, Walkinshaw is left with potentially permanent and serious lung damage.

He says it’s a cautionary story for people outside the high-risk group who are denying the potential dangers of the virus.

“I’m 33 years old and I’m pretty healthy and healthy, but that’s not all,” he said.

“The doctor explained that the viral load you receive when you first get infected is important to how good or bad your COVID experience is. Of the 12 people I was involved with that Saturday, 6 went to COVID. I got infected, and the four of us had a really terrible time.

“Here in Monaco, there are many underlying lung injuries that may go unnoticed, so it is advisable to do a CT scan later. The scar tissue in the lungs creates a pocket of infection and removes it. I can’t. This is the cause. Pneumonia.

“Of the four severely affected, three have lung damage that must be dealt with. Currently, about 10 to 15 percent of the lungs are scar tissue.

“Many people say you’re young and infected with COVID, which doesn’t affect you, but now that I have it, there’s a fair amount of lung damage Yes. You’ll be amazed at how it’s already affecting my cardiovascular system. The system is very uncomfortable when trying to train. I’m always out of breath.

“They gave me a routine to do to dilate my lungs over the next 3-6 months. I hope this will stretch the scar tissue and open the pockets that block my lungs. For some people it cures. For some it is not.

“Evener things-Haley hasn’t regained her sense of taste and smell, and it’s been two months. It’s pretty miserable to eat food that you can’t taste. It’s not debilitating, but it’s not good.”

Walkinshaw hesitated to publish in his COVID battle, given how common stories like him are in Europe, as the virus is happening across the continent.

“It sounds like a big deal in Australia that I had a COVID, I’m probably the first person to have it in a supercar,” he added. “But here in Europe, everyone has it. Every week, more and more friends are sending text messages on WhatsApp that their test results are positive.

“There are quite a few here, and you will be surprised that many young people react badly and are hospitalized with oxygen and the like.

“I’m one of the lucky ones in planning things. There are many who have been affected much worse than I am.”

Walkinshaw is currently working to work with the WAU team across Australia’s strict borders.

“I’m trying to get my approval to come back [to Australia]It’s a daunting task for non-Australian citizens, “he said.

“I’m going to hang out here for a few more weeks until my age group qualifies for vaccination here in Monaco. I have antibodies, but antibodies against the specific COVID strain I had. I only have it.

“Fortunately, some vaccines protect against other variants. After experiencing what I have experienced, I don’t want to catch it again.”

Walkinshaw is one of the famous motorsport personalities infected with COVID-19.

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Walkinshaw, owner of supercar team, infected with COVID-19 Walkinshaw, owner of supercar team, infected with COVID-19

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