Wallace and Gromit Studio partner with Namco Bandai again to realize new IP

Wallace and Gromit studios, Aardman and game publisher Namco Bandai are back together. Game 11-11: Following the partnership at Memories Retold, the two companies have announced that they will create a new IP together.

According to Aardman’s press release, the new project is aimed at “multiple media.” The company said it would contact its “partners” to discuss the project in 2021, but the news release did not mention the names of companies that might be involved in the project.

They said Aardman’s “talent to create characters and the world” would be adopted in the development of the project, and Namco Bandai would contribute with “publishing and development expertise.” This partnership covers “stories tailored to current and future platforms.”

“Interactive entertainment is a major growth area in the entertainment world, and new technologies are blurring the line between viewing and playback, so we are building strategic partnerships with partners such as Bandai Namco and incorporating new IPs. We want to share our vision of creating, building a new world and solidifying the studio’s reputation as an interdisciplinary creative hub, “said Sean Clarke, Managing Director of Aardman.

In his statement, Namco Bandai’s Elbe Holt said that his new partnership with Aardman was “realizing dreams” and “opening up a world of possibilities.”

The financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed. Details of the partnership will be announced at a later date, the release date.

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