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Namco Bandai and Aardman have announced that they will work together on a new IP. Aardman is the team responsible for the beloved Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run and more. Aardman creates a new character and world, and Namco Bandai will support the release and development of new video games. Details of the collaboration will be announced at a later date, according to the team. There are some selection quotes from some of the people involved.

Proposed by Daniel Efergan, Interactive’s ECD “As a modern storyteller, the formats we create are fundamentally changing year by year. This creates a space full of possibilities, gives us the opportunity to weave the world in many windows, and people are us. You can play, see, and play with the IPs created by, but regardless of format, regardless of platform, the need for characters to fall in love, the epic universe to explore, and finally Is always at the forefront of great storytelling. “

Sean Clarke, Managing Director of Aardman, commented: “Interactive entertainment is a major growth area in the entertainment world, and new technologies are blurring the line between viewing and playback, so strategically with partners such as BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe who share the vision of creating a new IP. We are enthusiastic about developing partnerships. We embrace this new world and solidify the studio’s reputation as an interdisciplinary creative hub. “

“This new partnership with Aardman opens up a world of possibilities and is a dream come true.” Elbeholt, Senior Vice President of Digital, Marketing and Content, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, said:“The Aardman and BNEE team is the perfect cultural and creative team for a successful long-term partnership and we look forward to what we can achieve together.”


Wallace and Gromit studio Aardman and Bandai Namco are working on new IP

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