Wallace, Gromit and Strongbad of Teltail return to Steam

By the end of its execution, Telltale was primarily known for adult stories of adaptive franchises like Batman and The Walking Dead. However, the studio’s entry into episode adventure games began with a fairly stupid license, and now two of those original series are back in digital distribution services: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventure and Strong Bad’s fascinating A cool game for people (but you can play too).

Like many Telltale games, these titles disappeared from digital distribution services after the company closed in 2018, but are now back in favor of Telltale. Yes, yes, it’s a new telltale. It acquired many rights to the company name and its game in 2019.

Both Wallace, Gromit and Strongbad are available on Steam and GOG for $ 14.99 / £ 11.39 / € 12.49. Both are, for example, Monkey Island style comedic adventure games. It is very similar to many of Telltale’s early works. Strong Bud, in particular, is a notable nostalgia trip in 2020 to prepare for the final death of Flash, the death of the Homestar Runner himself. (Don’t worry, Flash games are also getting some new opportunities in life.)

Telltale Texas Hold’em is back in the store today, but even in 2005, there’s no shortage of ways to play digital North Stakes poker.

Telltale’s Sam & Max has undergone a major remaster by the original developer and is now working under the name Skunkape, so it’s a good time for fans of early output in the studio.

The new Telltale plans to bring The Wolf Among Us 2 back from death, but I haven’t heard much about this project since it was announced at The Game Awards 2019. We are approaching the 2020 award. Show, I hope we learn more about Big Bee’s return – I’m not sure until December 10th.

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