“WandaVision” Episode 9 clears a new path for the most powerful avengers

Description of WandaVision Is our ongoing series watching Marvel Studios sitcom stories about the happiest and tragic couples on television. This entry points the channel to WandaVision Episode 9 (“Series Finale”) and unpacks the in-credit and post-credit stinger. Yes, get ready for spoilers.

And you have it. The Westview border is open. Wanda Maximoff’s Spiritual Slave (Elizabeth Olsen) Is free. Agatha (Kathryn Hahn), The evil witch remains tied to her suburban role while her prisoners head to the hills to understand her potential. Happy end? No, it’s not. It was never a plan.

In most cases Wandavision Episode 9 reached the finish line without last-minute exposure. Mephisto? Excuse me, gangster. There are no other demons here, but Mr. Speculation. Is the Ultron under Hayward (Josh Stamberg) Mask? No such luck, Scooby. Even Uncle Peter (Evan Peters) Is a mere trick to reveal that he is loyal to his “Fietro” Monica and is another brainwashed West View citizen (not named like Ralph Bonner-Schwing!). Proved not too much.

Of all the bubbles bursting, the wrong direction of the Multiverse is the most stabbed.Reasons to cast X-Men Quiksilver If you’re not going to trigger the possibilities of such a rich story, in the role of Wanda’s dead brother?For the same reason that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is impersonating a multiverse hero Spiderman: Far from home..Marvel sowing WandavisionAfter the last credit of Stinger, Stinger continues to propose its Multiverse.

Let’s start from the end. Then you can go back. In a lake hut quietly nestled in an unknown wilderness, Wanda is desperately scooping tea in the basement of Agatha. In their final unruly witch showdown, Agatha named the text Darkhold and even said it had an entire chapter dedicated to “Scarlet Witches.”

Wanda, who denied her own television fantasy, seems determined to learn as much as she can about her abilities. As she said to Monica (Teyonah Parris) Before she bounces off West View, she doesn’t understand her power, but she does. That is what Agatha finally taught Wanda. Knowledge is a weapon. The scarlet witch you see in the cabin is the one who will reach her next evolution.

Darkhold Wandavision Not the darkhold seen in SHIELD agent Or Runaway.. This version is a bit less noticeable and doesn’t have the brand name so boldly on the cover. It is an ominous spellbook that contains forbidden information. There is no doubt that Stephen Strange will steal something from Wong’s library while training under the guidance of Ancient One.

In comics, The Darkhold began as a set of scrolls wrapped from human flesh. The writer was Kuthorn, the god of elders exiled from our plane by God Eater Atum. Before he disappeared, Chthon copied his biggest hit. The scroll was translated into several stone tablets and eventually duplicated as Darkhold.

Darkhold also acts as a conduit for Chthon. Whenever he needs to make a small uproar on Earth, he can reappear from that page. At that time, he appeared at Wanda’s mother’s bedside during childbirth. Wanda’s abilities are said to have emerged after the hands of a young toddler grabbed Kutone. The demon intended to use Wanda’s body as his container, but when the time came, the scarlet witch was too strong. He took over the Quiksilver guy for a spell..

Does Wanda of the Marvel Cinematic Universe read the path to confrontation with Kutone? Perhaps.We know that her next guest appearance is inside Strange doctor in a variety of madness.. Chthon is a kind of villain involved in Stephen Strange’s case and is orthodoxly rooted in Wanda’s creation and suffering.But that’s not the case Wandavision Focus after credit for Episode 9.

When Wanda’s out-of-body rushes through Darkhold, she says Billy (Julian Hilliard) And Tommy (Jett Klyne) Shout for help. They are alive. Uh. The last time I saw it, WandaVision (Paul Bettany) Wanda pushed them into the West View bed before dropping the hexes. The twins were supposed to be reabsorbed by Wanda, similar to what happened to her television vision.

After kissing good night, Wanda said to the children, “Thank you for choosing me as your mother.” These kids came from somewhere. They are not forgery. They are souls.

The Multiverse is a thing.It may not be the thing Spiderman: Far from home Or thing Wandavision, But that’s the thing.In the title Doctor Strange 2.. It may be slower than I expected, but it’s coming. Billy and Tommy, crying for mom, may be Wanda’s children, or similar versions who were lucky enough to keep the molecule in another dimension. Whatever the answer Wandavision After crediting Episode 9, Stinger reveals that the Scarlet Witch is hunting.

She was able to use some friends to complete such missions, but those friends are not Monica Rambo based on Midcredit Stinger. Another adventure is waiting for her, and the place is tied to the stars. Monica was called to the West View Theater by FBI agents after showing a great deal of empathy and understanding on the way Wanda left (Lori Livingston).The Federal Reserve is on its own Skrull that changes shape Then tell Monica that her mom’s friend needs help.

This friend, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), He was drifting in the Star Cruiser universe Spiderman: Far from homeNeedle. Earth protection is no longer fixed. His eyes are attached to the infinite space surrounding his planet. Fury has some friends looking at our backs, but he could always use another Captain Marvel to protect the galaxy.

Time in the hex of the second captain, a by-product of Wanda and thus a by-product of Mindstone, changed her genetics. Even after they are destroyed, Infinity Stone continues to shape the MCU’s superheroes. As Wanda tries to educate herself about her new abilities, so does Monica.Her adventure may appear next Disney + Secret Invasion series, But she definitely Captain Marvel 2 candidate.

While many people (including me) are imagining Wandavision As some means to other large-scale MCU announcements—The· Fantastic four!! X-Men!! Al Pacino! — The series did not deviate from its purpose. the Avengers: Endgame Did not save the day for many people. Many of Tony Stark’s snaps are back, but Thanos has destroyed countless lives.

WandavisionThe ultimate goal of was to tackle the huge losses left after the blockbuster. That is the beauty of MCU experiments. After supporting the Avengers victory, we will ponder the results. Punching is by no means a climax. There is always a follow through. There is always a sequel.

“WandaVision” Episode 9 clears a new path for the most powerful avengers

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