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Instead, it’s philosophy. Yes, you are reading that right. The vision that realized that either one was too evenly matched to win is the White Vision, about their shared existence, and one is the man (robot?) They really claim. I decided to engage in a thought experiment on whether or not. The two end up in a sort of pseudo-philosopher’s debate about Theseus’s ship, A thought experiment centered on the question of identity and meaning, and what makes things a reality.

This is surprisingly deep for Marvel’s properties, but the conversation contains intriguing tips on what to expect when proceeding to Phase 4 of the MCU. After all, it will probably include magic, mutants, and all types of transformational stories.This is just Wandavision Gives us a figurative anchor that hangs throughout. How to bring it back forever, as West View Vision restores White Vision’s memory and gives us all the reasons he and Wanda expect to meet again someday. To provide.

Was Westview’s vision true?

Yes and no. The vision of living in West View and sharing a home with Wanda wasn’t physically the vision I had seen before. the Avengers movies. He was a flesh and blood structure created by the power of Wanda, informed by the memory of her sorrow, and born from the fragments of the mindstone that lived within her. (This makes sense, given that the increase in Wanda’s magical abilities was associated with the initial exposure to Mindstone. As Agatha says, the Scarlet Witch was forged rather than born. For Wanda, that crucible was Hydra and her time. Infinity Stone acted as a kind of space petrol for her sleeping ability that might never have been stirred otherwise.) The vision represents Wanda’s hope and sadness, but most of it is her love.

And as a result, even West View Vision does not even mourn or fear his impending death. Instead, he speculates that he and Wanda were already here two times ago and were forced to say goodbye before their time. And since their relationship has survived before, there is all reason to believe it will happen again and they will find a way back to each other.

Power of Monica, Skrull, Captain Marvel 2

Unfortunately, thanks to everything else that is happening at the “Series Finale” Second generation captain There is not much to do here. But she gets a straight hero moment. It reveals the ability to throw yourself in front of bullets (or four) for Wanda’s children, stepping through previously unseen objects and slowing them down. She is also willing to help release the real Ralph Bonner and send Tyler Hayward, the SWORD director of the Dirt Bag, to jail.

Fortunately, despite her limited screen time in this episode, the future of Monica’s MCU looks bright. In the mid-credits scene, she approached Skrull in the guise of a SWORD agent, set her aside, and revealed that she had been sent by Maria’s, a friend of her deceased mother. And that friend, most likely Nick Fury, wants to see Monica in space.

WandaVision Finale Ending Description | Den of Geek

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