WandaVision: New poster released for upcoming Marvel series

Disney + has released a new batch of Marvel’s WandaVision posters prior to the series’ debut early next year. Show official Twitter account Over the past few days, each new poster has been teasing different eras of home comedy that the show is said to refer to-from the black and white 50’s / early 60’s to the more groovy 60’s / 70’s era and classic 80’s / “TGIF” 90’s, the road to more modern home comedies such as offices and modern families.

The poster features the famous heroes of the show, drawn by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, and appears on ever-changing television to reflect different times. The background decoration for each poster will change accordingly, but the crevices in each one wallpaper / wooden panel will remain the same. It reveals what the TV looks static and suggests that everything isn’t what it looks like.

Please see the poster below.

WandaVision: New poster released for upcoming Marvel series

The Avengers: A series of six episodes set after the endgame follows the life of Scarlet Witch and Vision, who live as a couple in a suburban town in West View. There, they try to hide their “unclear and unexplored” power. The show begins with a complete black-and-white episode shot in front of a studio audience and circulates a tribute to multiple eras of classic television.

When the show lands on Disney + on January 15, 2021, you’ll be able to watch its first episode. In the meantime, check out IGN’s other stories about Marvel’s new miniseries. There are the latest images and plots. Details from the EW cover story, a breakdown of all the House of M Easter eggs hidden in the trailer, and details of the cartoons that may have influenced the show.

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