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Cam Waters from Tickford Racing was unveiled with concerns about the aerodynamics of the Holden Commodore after the opening race at Symmons Plains yesterday.

His comments followed Vangisbergen’s seventh straight race victory to extend what was undefeated in 2021 at the time.

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Wangisbergen has since responded to this claim in an interview with Supercars Media, claiming that his purple patch helped Sundown and Simmons Plains to be a T8-friendly circuit.

He also claimed that Tickford made its own unreported engine upgrade last year.

“I hate that,” said Van Gisbergen.

“You don’t have to go far back to see Bassert. We were lucky to win those races, [Waters] Downforce was the fastest car to cross the important hilltop.

“These trucks are really good for us. When we get to Terembend, we run into some problems and get faster. And he forgets about the engine that wasn’t reported last year. We What is down [on power] 1 year.

“It’s hard to think logically when you’re emotional about it, I’ve experienced it before.”

The last line is a reference to the fierce parity discussion that rocked the category in 2019.

The battle was immediately triggered by the introduction of a new radical Ford Mustang that had Its rivals cross their arms beyond the perceived aerodynamic and center of gravity benefits..

There was a change in the center of gravity It took place before the Simmons Plains round of the year, with many adjustments to both Ford and Holden for the rest of the season.

After that, both cars underwent fresh aero homologation before the 2020 season..

Holden underwent one aero change ahead of this season, but a vent was added to the front wheel arch.

However, it seems that it was created not to improve aerodynamic performance, but to solve the problem of overheating.

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Wangisbergen responds to supercar parity claims Wangisbergen responds to supercar parity claims

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