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Just like buying a used car, you need to check the history of collisions and repairs of electric cars, along with the odometer. But the most important thing to know before buying an EV is the condition of the battery.

“The main problem is not knowing the state of the battery,” said Scott Case, CEO of Recurrent.society Provides battery report,a kind of Carfax For electric vehicles.

Used car sales hit Record high Promote average cost this year second hand Beyond the car $ 25,000.. This is almost 30 percent higher than the 2020 average.

Looking at the zero emission options, Used car platform Vroom Based on your purchase data, we found the most popular manufacturers and models. The Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, and Tesla Model S are at the top of the list. The top 10 average selling prices are:

  1. Nissan Leaf ($ 13,541)

  2. BMW i3 ($ 21,000)

  3. Tesla Model S ($ 48,000)

  4. Chevrolet Bolt EV ($ 22,500)

  5. Tesla Model 3 ($ 42,000)

  6. Fiat 500e ($ 9,200)

  7. Volkswagen e-Golf ($ 15,000)

  8. Tesla Model X ($ 71,000)

  9. Chevrolet Spark EV ($ 10,100)

  10. Kia Soul EV ($ 14,000)

This list shows how young the used EV market is. The Reef was first launched in 2010 with a range of less than 75 miles. The company’s first EV, the BMW i3, was launched in 2013. Tesla released its first car in 2008.

But to understand if you’re doing a good deal or buying a car that’s likely to plummet within range, you might feel like you have to get a PhD in statistics. Maybe.

Here are some tips so you won’t regret buying a used electric car.

1. Check the battery and range

When buying a petrol-powered used car, you probably check the odometer first. But when it comes to EVs, the battery is the most important. Also, battery status is not always reflected in mileage. High-range EVs may be overcharged or kept in cold climates. Therefore, even a car with a low odometer reading can have a narrow range.

Recurrent, a battery analysis tool, helps unravel the mysteries hidden in the powertrain. The company is offering a free report on the following cars as of mid-October.

  • Tesla model 3

  • Tesla Model Y

  • Tesla Model S

  • Tesla Model X

  • BMW i3

  • VWe-Golf

  • Nissan leaf

ShoppersOn the Recurrent website[“]tab. Once you’ve set up a free account, you can plug in the VIN or license plate information for the car you’re considering buying.

The website asks you to take a picture of your dashboard using your mobile phone in an eco-mode car with all heaters and AC options turned off. Send a photo of the battery percentage, range estimate, and odometer readings listed from the dash. Recurrent then puts together and sends the report.

worth it?

2. Consider where to drive

Weather and climate can affect battery performance. If your car is in a very cold or hot place, it will shorten its battery life.

If you need some range and live in Minnesota, you need to make sure that the EV range doesn’t get too low when the mercury drops.

Please know the range before you buy.

Please know the range before you buy.

3. Think ahead

With Recurrent’s tools, you can predict battery fares for the next three years. If the range is too low and it looks like you can’t commute, it’s probably not appropriate.

If you’re looking for an older EV that saves you quickly, think about what it’s like to always charge when the range plummets in the next few years.

If you have inherited an old battery, you may need a new battery when your car reaches 10 years. The battery itself costs at least $ 10,000, but you have to pay for the service and effort. You can set up a battery replacement through the manufacturer (such as Tesla or Nissan) or work with a repair shop that replaces the battery. Ideally, the service center can also sell new batteries to make things easier.

4. Consider resale value

See through Buying guide..

Recurrent edits data from nearly 6,000 EVs nationwide, along with information on how much most models usually sell. The guide may give you a good sense of how much the Chevy Bolt will be worth in the next few years.

5. Shop at a specialty store

There are dealers specializing in EVs across the country (well, more so in EV-friendly states like California and New York). Get detailed information on battery statistics, charging recommendations, and general EV expertise compared to traditional retailers.

The most popular states for EV purchases this year (so far) are Texas, California, Illinois, Florida, and New York. Automotive market ACV..

Recurrent works with 25 EV dealers, including: Green Eyed Motors Colorado offers battery reports free of charge. (The dealer pays for a regular subscription, not the shopper.)

Veloz Search tool Find an EV dealer near you as part of the “Electric for All” campaign.

6. Dig up everything

If you buy an EV through a friend’s or personal sale, try to get as much information as possible about the life of your car. Did it charge every day and put a strain on the battery? Or was it just billed weekly?

Did you spend the winter in northern New York, or did you spend the summer in Phoenix, where the batteries were exposed to extreme temperatures? Was it part of the recall? Chevrolet bolt??

You will want to know it all, so ask a question even if it looks mediocre. It will help you draw a picture of the health of your car battery.

7. Compare with other EVs

Tesla’s used car site doesn’t provide much detail about the car you’re trying to buy. You can check the odometer mileage, whether there was any previous repairs, and the model year.

But for this 2016 model S, Sold for $ 76,000, but the estimated distance is still 315 miles. The range listed when it is new. Five years later, the battery has at least some deterioration — but it’s not on the list.

“Transparency reduces that uncertainty,” Case said.

Therefore, in order to understand how old the battery is, it is necessary to compare it with a similar Tesla under similar conditions.

Check the scenery of EV.

Check the scenery of EV.

8. Check the warranty

Most EVs offer a battery warranty that covers at least 8 years or 100,000 miles.. If you find a “young” EV that is still under warranty, you may be able to get a replacement battery in your second-hand vehicle.

However Battery needs to be sufficiently degraded To qualify for a replacement — in most cases down to about 70% of the original range. Suppose you started in the 300 mile range and then dropped to 200 miles within the first eight years. In that case, you can get a new battery for free.California is under consideration measures Raising that threshold to 80% could increase the number of people eligible for a new battery.

In a year of normal EV use, you lose only about 1-2 percent of your original charge level.

9. Please wait

Every year, more EVs are entering the market.Already 70 models available California is the most EV-friendly state. In 2022, another batch of EVs will be available.You may not want to throw away more than $ 60,000 New Cadillac LyricWithin a year or two, these new cars will appear in used car lots and e-marketplaces.

That’s why Recurrent’s Case said it created a free battery report last year. “Some new prices for these cars are crazy,” he said. “Currently, middle- and low-income earners [drivers] You can actually buy something and take advantage of fuel costs and environmental benefits. “

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Want to save Tesla? 9 Tips for Buying a Used Electric Car. Want to save Tesla? 9 Tips for Buying a Used Electric Car.

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