War Robots and Serious Sam 4 Crossover Announced

Pixonic, MY.GAMES Popular studios and developers War Robots Mobile Games announces its first collaboration with other developers, Croteam, And that Serious Sam Franchise.

This is the first collaboration with another brand. War Robots history.The event was co-created with Croteam Based on the latest title of the franchise Serious Sam 4..

The partnership was formed after War Robots producer Maxim Fomichev contacted Croteam when Serious Sam 4 was first released. The developers started exchanging ideas, and this festive crossover event was the result.

War Robots MY.GAMES‘The most successful title and one of the company’s top five revenue-generating mobile games. In the third quarter, the game reached a new milestone of 180 million downloads worldwide. War Robots Remastered was recently featured at the Apple Event in September.

Serious Sam 4 Released in August 2020, developed by a Croatian studio Croteam Published by Devolver Digital..

During the crossover event, players will experience:

  • Typhon — Robot with 4 arms
  • Octanian — Mental (Serious Sam Franchise Hostile Hero) Army Drone
  • Skirmish Mode: Serious Some Style
  • Christmas tree and bowed kamikaze hangar decoration
  • Remodeling Hawk and Nucleon
  • New Typhon skin
  • Event Pilot: Sam Stone himself
  • Change map of Rome

During this holiday season, War Robots players meet Beheaded Kamikaze monsters throwing themselves under robots and Sam Stone driving a popemobile down the streets of Rome. Obviously, a giant Love Clafoutian monster is floating above the ancient city.

Players can also participate in arena battles called “serious games”, take part in a series of quests with prizes and prizes, and fight daddy mobiles in Kamikaze clothing.

The event will run from December 7, 2020 to January 12, 2021. Sam then returns to his world to fight the spiritual hordes there.

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War Robots and Serious Sam 4 Crossover Announced

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