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Gaijin Entertainment Announces the release of “Hot truck” Major update of military online action War thunder.. Players are getting new visual effects for ground and naval vehicles, the Italian helicopter technology tree, the legendary battle cruisers Von der Tan and HMS Invincible, and many other new military vehicles.

New caterpillar truck War thunder Armored vehicles are made up of separate segments, each with physically accurate characteristics. Caterpillars bounce on wheels as they pass through humps and pits. When accelerating or braking, it may be tightened, whiplashed, or shaken for a while after stopping. When the shell hits the truck, the truck breaks exactly at the impacted segment. When the tank floats on stone or concrete or bends sharply on asphalt, an all-metal truck shoots a bunch of metal sparks. This update currently offers new trucks for selected popular ground vehicles, but other vehicles will be upgraded later.

The last major update brought a new fire effect to aviation, but this time the ground and naval artillery underwent similar overhauls.Powering Dagor engine War thunder It also uses only the GPU to generate small landscape native objects such as rocks, pebbles, debris, plants, moss and mushrooms placed in the scene to make the landscape look more natural. All of these visual updates would probably be better tested using one of the new ground vehicles: the long-awaited China’s top ZTZ99MBT or the Japanese ST-A3 medium tank with an automatic reload mechanism.

A new Italian helicopter tech tree is coming to the game, introducing three machines. The AB 205 A-1 is a modification of the well-known US UH-1H “Hui” helicopter, but the A109EO A-2 and A129 CBT Mangsta are both excellent examples of Italian engineering original designs. The Mangusta is particularly interesting because it was the first attack helicopter designed and manufactured in Western Europe. Today, it is part of the Italian and Turkish military arsenal and is deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Mangsta is armed with a 20mm machine gun and is equipped with both guided and unguided weapons, including the Stinger air-to-air missile and the Hellfire II ATGM.

Jet fans have signed several signatures, including the Buccaneer S.2 “banana” attack jet, the carrier-based A-7 Corsair II attack jet (one of the first US aircraft to carry a HUD), and the F-84F Thunderstreak fighter. I also have a machine. jet. Interesting Information: Richard Bach, author of the “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” novel, was a pilot of the F-84F Thunder Streak while working in Europe.

Blue-water navy War thunder We have acquired two ships that participated in the Battle of Jutland, which was the largest naval battle in World War I.

The HMS Invincible is the first battlecruiser-class vessel in maritime history. The four 12-inch (305 mm) twin cannon guns can effectively damage battleships, but the speed is sufficient to track small cruisers. HMS Invincible has tried both of these roles. In the Battle of the Falkland, two German armored cruisers, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst, were sunk. It was.

Von der Tan was the first German battle cruiser built shortly before World War I to directly respond to invincible class threats. German engineers decided to focus on better armor and speed at the expense of some firepower. The Jutland Peninsula has shown that this decision is fairly sound. Von der Tan sank the British battle cruiser HMS Indefatigable, survived the battle and remained part of the Imperial German Navy until the end of the war.

Finally, Navy history fans also have a Hyuga battleship equipped with 12 356mm cannons. This is a new record for this gun caliber. War Thunder.

A complete list of update changes and new features is officially available. War thunder Website: http: //

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War Thunder Hot Tracks update Out Now

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