Warframe developers reveal Yareli’s capabilities

WarfameThe’s Sisters of Parvos are coming soon-it’s still undecided how “immediately” they will be-and one of the big additions is, of course, the new Warframe. This time it’s Yareli, and with a new development stream, Digital Extremes has shown exactly what new “frames” can be.

The first thing you need to know about Yareli is that she is a very “adorable anime girl” to the point where she blows a giant heart bubble in one of the idol animations. The aquatic theme will continue to be used throughout the kit, including the secondary weapon Bubble Gun. Her passive abilities increase secondary critical damage on the move, so secondary is especially important here.

Yareli’s first ability is a series Seasnea – Large bubbles that stick to enemies and damage them over time. Second ability summon Merlina, A creature that works much like a K-Drive, except that it absorbs damage while riding. Her third ability surrounds Yarelli with a rotating set. Aqua blade, Damages enemies that are too close. Her alto, Cyclone strike, Gather enemies into a large swirl and push them back.

You can see the individual abilities actually working. Official siteOr get a longer demo of the actual Yareli through the development stream below.

For many Multiplayer game, You can follow that link.

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