Warframe Major PS5 Update Released This Week

The official PlayStation 5 version of Warframe will be available on November 26th, announced by developer Digital Extremes. The upgraded PS5 version of the game is detailed on the game’s official website and sounds like a big update.

Warframe on PS5 runs at 60fps and supports resolutions up to 4K. The visuals have also been updated with new dynamic lighting to reduce load times throughout the game.

In addition, the new DualSense controller’s Adaptive Trigger provides training in this version of the game. Your weapon is felt with a trigger, and melee and shooting are reflected by the controller. Cross-play and save are also available so you can continue your PS4 character’s journey and play with friends who are still using PS4. Unfortunately, PS5 cross-save does not extend to other versions of the game.

There will also be some freebies for PlayStation Warframe players. On PS5, PlayStation Plus Booster Pack V is available to PS Plus members and includes the following items:

  • Obsidian Sedai Shandana with PS5 theme
  • 7-day affinity booster
  • 7-day credit booster
  • 100,000 credits
  • 100 platinum

There will also be a Warframe 7th Anniversary event where PlayStation will run until December 2nd, and players who log in to the game on PS4 or PS5 before that will receive:

  • Paralyzed obsidian skin
  • Obsidian Monast Sugatra
  • Fully constructed format
  • 3-day resource booster

In addition, during this period, the Azura Excalibur Glyphs and PSIV Color Palette will be available at a significantly reduced price of 1 credit.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Digital Extremes boss Sheldon Carter posted some thoughts on how the studio “brings about eight years of evolutionary content to the future of PS5.” Carter also points out that the cross-generational play between PS5 and PS4 versions is “first for Warframe.” It’s a read for longtime Warframe fans who have a PS5.

Warframe will also get an Xbox Series X upgrade, but details and timing for this version haven’t been announced yet. The game is currently playable on the system due to backward compatibility.

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