Warframe: New War Starts December 15th

A cinematic quest guide for players to prepare for the maximum Warframe expansion

We are only 2 weeks WarframeThe biggest and most anticipated movie expansion of New war, We will arrive on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on December 15th. The next quest is the latest chapter in the story over the years. This climax event provides all the twists players have come to expect from us and answers some of the big questions players have been asking over the years. Players may even be asked some new questions. Warframe next year. For new and repeaters trying to catch up before the start of the new war, we have developed a quick guide to assist in efforts to prepare for future actions.

  1. Start playing Warframe’s acclaimed cinematic quest line for free now
  2. Strengthen Arsenal and raise Mastery Rank
  3. Complete the required quests with the Orbiter Codex
  4. unlock WarframeLatest and Largest Content Expansion, New War, December 15th

Warframe It’s not just a router shooter. We also offer large story-driven campaigns.

As old and new enemies emerge, wage war, and new Warframes emerge, players must prepare for an imminent aggression by catching up with some of the best-protected secrets in the game. This is a heavy single-player story-based quest campaign with spoilers.Most gamers know Warframe As a collaborative action game, but they have a cinematic space opera-level storyline that we have spread over six years, spanning 16 planets, 3 open worlds, 47 Warframes, and 13 cinematic quests. You may not know that you are. To get the full context of every event that unfolds, it’s a good idea to embark on a unique action-packed movie story of space exploration and self-discovery before the arrival of the new war.

Step: Start your personal space opera today with # 1 Warframe’s Cinematic Quest

New players don’t have to wait until a new war arrives to embark on an action-packed adventure as an unstoppable space warrior. There are over 30 hours of quests you can experience today, all for free. As a new player, discover the acclaimed cinematic quest that put the origin system into a state of total war. Playing as a Tenno, you can find your power through an intimate journey of self-discovery as you try to rebalance your origin system.

Players can now refer to the Tenno Guide for additional in-game quest guidance. This is a newly added UI improvement, Warframe It serves as a guide for players to complete the next step.

Step: # 2 Strengthen your weapons and battles with Warframe’s Epic Star Chart

Sentients are a powerful aggression threat with The New War, and you need to prepare more than a Warframe with powerful abilities to get the job done right. New War takes advantage of some of Warframe’s most thrilling features to unlock when traveling through the Origin system. Some of this equipment will be built over time in Orbiter Foundry, and some will be unlocked by completing certain quests.

  • Build Arch Wings: Players build arch wings by completing arch wing quests
  • Build Rail Jacks: Players can instantly unlock rail jacks by building rail jacks in Rising Tide Quest or by purchasing in Platinum.
  • Build Nekramek: Players can build Nekramek or unlock Nekramek instantly by purchasing in Platinum.
  • Unlock Operator: Complete Second Dream Quest

Step: Unlock the new war by completing # 3 Quest Codex

Warframe Is an ever-expanding game. If you are a new player, you have a lot to do and experience.All of our content is visually rich and is a complete non-stop action combat that players love, but chosen to be revisited later and not considered a critical path to take part in the action. There is a quest New war On the release date.The following quests outline the critical path to prepare New war When it arrived for the Xbox player on December 15th.

  • Vor Award
  • Wake up once
  • Arch wing
  • Stolen dream
  • New strange
  • Nata
  • Second dream
  • civil war
  • Hello chains
  • Apostasy Prologue
  • Sacrifice
  • New War Prologue: Chimera / Ella / Maker
  • Rising tide

New players can experience a complete story, from the first cinematic quest, the Vor’s Prize awakened by Tenno, to NATAH, where you can learn about Lotus and Second Dreams, discover who you are, and learn about the Old. .. war. The story extends further with the Inner War and the Chimera Prologue, where the Tennos help reveal the truth of their past and shape their future, eventually destabilizing the origin system, leading to a full-scale war, and a new war. Set the stage for, the latest expansion will take place on December 15th.

Warframe Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, it’s free to play and download.


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Conflicting factions have put the origin system on the brink of destruction. Join the Tenno and protect the ever-expanding universe. Use Warframe’s tactical abilities to create a large number of destructive weapons and define your playstyle to be unstoppable in the predatory shooters that define this genre. Your Warframe is waiting for you, Tenno.

Warframe: The New War Launches December 15

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