Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sister Review –

Games Workshop is a British institution, but its Warhammer World finds fans all over the world. The harsh future and fantastic settings found in Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 are still heading acts, but the company has an interesting and unique use of all sorts of main license and spin-off table games, from RTS and third-person shooters to turn-offs. Allows-based aerial warfare. With the introduction of Battle Sister from Pixel Toys, you will be able to enter the world of Warhammer 40,000 yourself through VR. Simply put, if you’re a 40K fan, you’ll want to play this game.

From the moment you start the game, it’s the atmosphere that Battle Sisters answer correctly. You are dropped onto the battlefield of a distant planet, and a pair of Titans duel in front of you. I have to admit that I was expecting a little more drama, such as the huge clanging caused by the collision of huge blades, and the sound of the pistons and gears that work to move the mecha, but the tone is still set well. It has been.

You met Viola, a battle sister who has been with you for 10 years. She is certainly being treated for motion capture, and her iconic Battle Sister Armor shines with the underlying power to go with a properly clenched power sword.

Understanding the battle of the game is easy. The gun is holstered on either waist and the ammunition is stored on the belt. Press the button to remove the clip and hold the gun over the belt to refill. It’s a mechanically sound, simple enough system to empower, and fast enough to survive the toughest battles.

That’s good because there are some great battles that begin with epic encounters through the ships of the Sisters of Battle Cathedral, where the forces of chaos are infiltrating. From the crazy laughter of enthusiasts and the fierce shootings of the Chaotic Marines, Battle Sisters really put you on their hind legs, and even in the early stages it stacks up a number of enemies, not walkovers. If you don’t have a power sword, it will overrun immediately, so you’re lucky to be able to divert the incoming fire.

The graphics may not surprise anyone from a PS5 or high-end PC, but for a standalone headset, the game looks great and all the weapons are noteworthy. When you lift it up, it shines realistically in the light, and the level of detail is impressive here and with your friends. If you look closely, the enemies look pretty good, but it’s easy to see that the most common cult models haven’t changed much. Some additional head or mask types, like some additional lines, actually add something to the mix. I know they are all enthusiastic about blood for the god of blood, but I’m sure they can say it slightly differently in the course of the game.

But they are not the only enemies to face. The steady appearance of various Chaos Marine classes and the occasional beasts give the battle a sense of continuous renewal. Things can start to look a bit the same towards the end, but overall, this is a powerful example of VR gunplay with enough weight for it.

I love being able to dual wield all your weapons-here you can feel the previous work on Pixel Toys’ Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition-and that also applies to fiction. Holding a bolt gun in one hand and a power sword in one hand will make you feel better and feel like a bad space nun who can defeat the giant Chaos Space Marine.

Blood sprays everywhere when you send a cult, and that was one element I didn’t sell first. The effect looks pretty good when viewed up close in close quarters combat. And as you go through them, you expect to have significant blood loss. But far away, the red ones are exploding and don’t look as good as the closer ones. I know the Warhammer 40K universe is a brutal place, and the Battle Sisters take the plunge to recreate it, but I was able to spray blood or leave.

The mix has one or two bugs that sometimes take away the brilliance of your experience and sometimes the textures don’t load around your feet or across some architectures, but in the end it turns out to be very easy to use. I did. They feel the type of Pixel Toys that they will continue to work on, and hopefully they will quickly find a remedy for them.

Forgiving bugs, Battle Sister’s performance is generally very good, and smooth movement and gunplay keep things attractive. Movement is controlled by the left thumbstick, a lot of work is done to prevent motion sickness, and the field of vision is closed smartly while moving. There are also many additional features that you can adjust depending on how well you can handle it in VR space. That’s exactly what you want from this kind of experience.

The story itself boasts a great voice actor, and while I’m under strong pressure on all the characters I like, you’ll find yourself completely involved in what’s happening. .. From time to time, you will find yourself part of a fire brigade, and they are surprisingly useful in combat, but the moment you feel really under pressure is when you are alone.

Part of the mood is often created by a good soundtrack, but a little more variety from combat music would have been welcomed. It’s actually similar to Gears of War, but with a voice sign that it goes into combat and disappears when the end of the wave is reached. It works, but it’s starting to fade towards the end.


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