Warhammer: Use Chaosbane to fight chaos on Xbox Series X | S

We are very pleased to be part of the Xbox Series X | S launch lineup. Warhammer: Chaos Ben Slayer EditionThe definitive edition of Warhammer: Chaos Bain..

If you have never heard Warhammer: Chaos Bain, This is the first hack and slash set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe. It pushes you into the heart of the Old World, a continent damaged by the Great War with Chaos — a bloody conflict that devastated a fledgling empire. Choose from six playable characters, each with their own skill set and flavor, and play with your friends in co-op to explore the iconic areas of. Warhammer world.

Multiplayer is the heart of the experience Warhammer: Chaos Bain.. You can play the whole game with your friends. Fight with the most annoying things the Warhammer Old World has to offer!

The ultimate version of the Xbox Series X | S

Following the release of Warhammer: Chaos Bain Last year on Xbox One, we listened to community feedback and continued to deliver new content and updates to the game. You can now experience all these additions and a new class, Witch Hunter, in one package, the Slayer Edition of the Xbox Series X | S.

The Slayer Edition includes all upgrades and additional content released since its launch, with onslaught of new content, rebuilt hubs, more animal parables, new maps, new classes, witches. A hunter has been added! With Slayer Edition, you can choose to run your campaign or jump directly to Tomb Kings extensions and all other content.

In addition, the team is working hard to maximize the power of the Xbox Series X | S, which has allowed us to upgrade our textures to 4K, which runs at smooth 60fps. Improved levels of detail and liquidity make it even easier to read in all situations, giving you an edge in combat and making the right decisions in the blink of an eye. We were also able to significantly reduce loading times, reduce waiting times, and increase combat … oh!

Warhammer: Chaos Bain

Renewability priority

New mods such as 6 classes, a complete campaign, and the Tower of Chaos make the game even more reproducible, allowing you to spend hundreds of hours trying out new builds on your character.

For more information or questions Warhammer: Chaos BainYou can follow us on, Facebook or twitter.. See you in the game!

Warhammer: Chaos Ben Slayer Edition

Xbox Live

Warhammer: Chaos Ben Slayer Edition




$ 59.99

Warhammer: Fight Chaos in this ultimate version of Chaos Bain. This includes Toom Kings extensions, all existing content, and the new Witch Hunter class. In the war-torn, magically dominated old world, you have to stand up to confront the hordes of chaos. Choose a hero from 6 character classes, equip it with the most powerful artifacts and prepare for epic battles. • The first action RPG set in the world of Warhammer fantasy battles • 6 character classes, each with their own gameplay, skills and equipment • Over 70 monsters tailored to the gods of chaos and epic boss battles XXL Animal Allegory • Optimized for Cooperation: Eliminate chaos from the world with up to 4 players solo or local or online. • Ultimate version of the game: Unlock all DLC in this edition and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience and unlimited playability!

Fight against Chaos on Xbox Series X|S with Warhammer: Chaosbane

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