Warhammer: Vermintide 2 gets a patch to improve the visuals of PlayStation 5

Fatshark has released a new patch for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 improves visuals when playing on one of these trendy new PlayStation 5 consoles. The improvements are as follows:

  • 60fps
  • 1440p
  • Improved shadow quality
  • More shadow casting lights
  • High density scattering
  • Screen space reflection

The new patch also has a number of bug fixes.

Hotfix 1.24

Update 1.23 patch notes


  • Fixed some other crashes.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a client tried to lift an AI unit using a Lifestaff that was already despawned on the server.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player tried to join the lobby as a “prologue crew bar”.

  • Fixed a crash caused by changing the skin of a melee weapon equipped in a remote slot.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a terrorist event occurred while the level was unloaded.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if SotT despawns (dies or leaves the game) before the placed Thornwall expires.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if an enemy highlighted by Kerillian’s Trueshot activation ability was killed by another source.

Heroes and weapons

  • Fixed some javelin melee attacks that count as ranged kills

  • Fixed a special sidearm shot for rapiers that counts as melee kills.

  • Fixed an issue where Javelin would automatically issue a light attack after a charged attack if the player’s attack speed was fast.

  • Fixed an issue where the Bounty Hunter “Just Reward” would not work when a remote critical was triggered by the “locked and loaded” ability itself.

  • Bounty Hunter career ability animations are now properly scaled to match speed buffs.

  • After shooting with a crossbow, Saltzpyre is no longer stuck in sight (third person).

  • Fixed an issue that caused Sienna to slow down completely even though it was below the threshold.

  • Fixed an issue where Trollhammer Torpedo would display ammo when it was out of ammo.

  • Fixed a minor animation issue with the Kerillian greatsword where frames flicker when transitioning from light attack hits to heavy charges.

  • Fixed a minor animation issue with the engineer’s piston during reloading of Trollhammer Torpedo.

  • Fixed a very small issue where changing staff in the air would cause the staff to slip or animate strangely.

  • Fixed a minor animation issue that could cause a knocked arrow to slip off the bow.

  • Fixed a bug in the animation where Kerillian would get stuck aiming at the bow (third person) if the shooting was too fast.


  • Fixes an issue where fragile boards / blocks hot-joined the map are still impassable even though the party has already destroyed them, bringing the currently participating players back to the level.


  • Fixed some shade items that were incorrectly displayed in Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders.

  • Blocked the chat window from accidentally opening when the Twitch username textbox has focus.

  • Fixed a graphic bug in the Twitch Voting UI.

  • The additional resource bars (overcharge, energy, carrier abilities) move up whenever Twitch mode is active, so they don’t overlap with the voting UI.

  • Changed the outline of Okri’s challenges to aggregate billing instead of completed challenges. This resolves the issue of incomplete challenges, even though all challenges were requested.

  • Fixed an illusion that says “n / a illusion” in a tooltip instead of an applicable item.

Chaos waste

  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would remain interactive on the screen when the player left the game while the party was on the map shrine.

  • Animated portrait frames should be properly animated in the Chaos Wastes UI.

  • Player levels are now displayed correctly when calling player lists within the Map Shrine UI.

Cinder peak

  • Fixed some land geometry that didn’t reach par.

  • Fixed poor terrain and adjusted chest and enemy spawn points appropriately.

  • Optimized to reduce FPS hits in lava-rich areas.

  • Fixed some bits where network synchronization was not done properly.

Foetid Gorge

  • Fixed an issue where barrel-cut players could soft-lock levels.

  • Fixed various places where players and bots could get stuck.

  • Fixed an issue where Olesya could repeat the event VO at the end of the event if the player re-entered the area that triggered the VO line.

It’s great to see some old games in place for the new console.After waiting for quite a long time Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s collaborative hack and slash was finally launched on PlayStation 4 on December 18, 2018, just in time for the chaotic scavenging Christmas.

The game was first released for PC in March before entering Game preview on Xbox One in June And get July full release.. You can access the PS4 pre-release beta by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition, but do you need to wonder if you really need it at this time? It’s arguably a marketing trick by Fat Shark.

Ultimate Edition will be available in Shadowover Bögenhafen and Back to Ubersreik DLC, along with some cosmetics. Since the game was released, there have been numerous patches and updates, and some seasonal events to keep things fresh.

It’s a good solid cooperation excursion Awarded 8/10 With the review method of March 2018.

“Vermintide 2’s collaborative battle is a better step than the original.” Stephan said.. “It’s sometimes tough, and it can take fun when you fail a mission and aren’t making progress, with heavy combat, additional subclasses, and long and deep advances in difficulties and loot, they. There are a lot here for it wants to be long distance. “

Source: Press Release

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 gets a patch to improve the visuals of PlayStation 5

Source link Warhammer: Vermintide 2 gets a patch to improve the visuals of PlayStation 5

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