Warlord Game Posts New Bolt Action Scenario

November 18, 2020 by Polar_Bear

There were many tense moments and battles in World War II. Exploit the gap in the enemy line. Secret mission. Desperate defensive action.In this scenario, new Bolt action In the Warlord game scenario, British troops attack German troops around the town of Ville Bocage. Can their tanks change the course of the battle? It’s up to you (and your dice) to decide.

From the article:

British armored forces, desperate to break the deadlock around Kahn, are competing for the town of Villers Vocage, taking advantage of the German front gap. If their tanks can break through the German folding screen, they can surround the veteran Panzer Lehr Division, which is blocking the southern route, and will be withdrawn or completely destroyed.

The British flight column consists of agile Stuart tanks and Cromwell cruiser tanks, supported by bombarded Sherman fireflies. Scattered between tanks are trucks loaded with infantry from the Rifle Regiment and military carriers. A large cat creeps into the German countryside. A group of Tiger tanks from the 101st Heavy Tank Battalion, commanded by Black Baron. Tank ace Michael Wittmann stepped forward to prepare for an advancing British ambush.

Axis heavy tanks pose a serious threat to flying pillars. Combining surprising elements with heavy armor and good firepower, they may be able to completely slow down British attacks.

This scenario is a great way to try out tank warfare supplements and rematch the major tank warfare in the Normandy campaign. You can also use this scenario as a starting point for your entire tank war campaign to create your own tank ace and story for a war movie.


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