Warlord Game Posts New Bolt Action Scenario

November 12, 2020 by Polar_Bear

France was defeated in World War II, but that doesn’t mean they stopped fighting. Underground resistance soon formed nationwide. These armed groups were well armed and coordinated and could make life a hell for the Germans trying to occupy the country.In this scenario Bolt action, Warlord Games recreates classic battles featuring French resistance fighters.

From the post:

The Vercors Massif is a huge natural fortress in the mountains of southern France. At the top of a forested plateau, about 4,000 Resistance Fighters declared the Free Republic in the summer of 1944. With few access roads protected by towering cliffs, Vercor was considered impregnable by Maki, who defended it. During the summer, the Allies, along with the OSS combat team, dropped hundreds of canisters, including small weapons, medicines, and ammunition.

Germany’s response was slow and intentional. Investigation attacks by reserve mountain hunters and regular infantry units assessed Maki’s strength and identified the main center of resistance to a single catastrophic strike. On July 21, three Go-242 Gothas and 20 DFS-230 gliders landed Ostlegionen and paratrooper platoons near Vashu’s Makis base, with a line of regular infantry and Gebir Gujaguars. Attacked a major access road on the plateau.

The final battle of Vercors has begun! Presented below is a scenario that allows us to rematch this dramatic conflict between the French faction and the German oppressors.


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