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Wart elders are worried about southeastern anxiety

The Southeastern Elders Council has stated that the growing anxiety in the southeastern part of the country is unacceptable and urgent.

The council expressed concern, saying it would convene a stakeholder meeting to find a lasting solution after the meeting in Onitsha, the commercial capital of Anambra.

The conference communiqué, made available to Awka newspaper reporters on Sunday, was chaired by Anthony Igu, a former Supreme Court judge, Anambra Supreme Court justice and professor Donald Ocoli. Signed by the secretary.

Security challenges, including killings and property destruction in the southeast, have hampered economic growth and are no longer acceptable.

The group said the July stakeholder meeting will include elder politicians, traditional institutions, religious leaders, security experts, and Southeastern intellectuals.

According to the communiqué, on May 11, the National Executive Council met and agreed on the need for all emergency meetings, including Ivo’s elder politicians, key / key stakeholders, and the National Advisory Council.

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“This allows us to bridge the cultural, religious and economic gaps in Igboland’s leadership and governance and to consider the current security challenges that plague this region and other parts of the country.

“The conference will provide solutions to the best ways to solve problems by renewing sustainable economic development,” he said.

The Elders Council upheld the call of the Southeastern President to replace President Muhammad Buhari in 2023 and urged major political parties in the country to produce candidates from the region.

It surprised the party’s decision to abandon their shift in choosing those to raise the flag.

“It is the Igbo’s turn to create the next president of Nigeria, based on its contribution to the sustainable development of the major sectors of the Nigerian economy, which has been denied this position since the end of the civil war in 1970.

It called for “major political parties to elect presidential candidates from the Igbo selection in the upcoming presidential elections on the basis of impartiality, justice and justice.

“We call on all people of wart descent to unite in order to achieve the presidency in 2023,” he said.

Wart elders are worried about southeastern anxiety Wart elders are worried about southeastern anxiety

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