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I’m sure Raven will handle it.

Call of Duty: Warzone has a deadly door that was recently discovered by a player.

Redditor Rxelik discovered that a touch on a bad-looking door found in a salt mine warehouse would bring it down instantly, and uploaded the footage to. r / warzone..

Yo, Raven This door will kill you instantly Fix Lmao From r / COD Warzone

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It’s not just about Rxelik. Since Season 4 was released last week, this door has brought down a few players.

The door seems harmless. The bar on the other side of the door indicates that it is not something you can open (you can open many of Warzone’s doors). There seems to be nothing special. What’s wrong?

Players speculate that it may be a bug that has something to do with it New red door high speed movement system.. In Season 4, Raven added red doors to many locations throughout the map, each becoming a portal to a different location. This is a cool addition to the game and fans are enjoying where each door goes.

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So did you have a problem with this door as a result of the red door system? The portal will move the player to a new location-perhaps this door was intended to be an exit point? As I said, it’s purely speculation.

Raven hasn’t commented yet. Assuming this is a bug and not a feature, I don’t think it will take long to resolve.

Until then, don’t knock knock on the Raven door.


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