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Call Of Duty: When you find a Jaguar Note suit in Warzone, it turns into a beef cake with a virtually unstoppable Minigun. This is basically a golden ticket to victory, and players have discovered an exploit that allows them to win an unlimited number. Excellent.

You can usually get one guaranteed Jaguar Note Suit in Warzone by completing a special Easter egg that involves looking at a picture and entering a code on the map’s subway system. Now, the frugal on YouTube channel Cable711 has found an easy way to duplicate a suit by collecting suits along with score streaks and relying on timing-related magic.

To run an exploit, you need to activate Jaguar Notes while you are picking up Killstreaks at the same time. If the timing is right, you can create a Jaguar Note Canister on the ground, pick it up and throw it to summon your suit. Cable711 was able to generate about 14 canisters in minutes.

Previously, Jaguar Note suits were only available in limited time mode and Warzone was hilarious. Infinity Ward has decided to make it available in normal Warzone mode at the start of Season 6. The player isn’t doing very well.

That is, I get it perfectly. At least in the limited time mode, I signed up for a little laugh, so it’s okay to shred into Jaguar notes. But in normal mode, I want a more competitive experience and their presence feels out of place. It is very frustrating to be attacked by swans knowing that they are beyond an equal arena.

I don’t really care if there are any compromises or shortcomings in the Jaguar Note suit. For example, if a suit shatters or moves too much after a certain amount of time, it becomes exhausted and stuck. As of now, they have few weaknesses, so as a human, I rub them with just a little ticking of all the bullets I have and all the explosives I have. Tired of tickling.

As you can imagine, players have streamlined the Easter eggs on the subway, and within minutes of parachuting down, they can complete the necessary steps and wear a Jaguar notebook suit. In addition, there are opportunities. Spawn into 5 bunkers locked behind the key card. Again, everyone understood it, so the process of getting into them is pretty quick.

This means that most regular Warzone games are plagued by rampaging Jaguar notes, but this abuse means that we can face an entire team of tough boys. There is likely to be. This can cause them to overdrive if the community is not yet fully dissatisfied with them.

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A new Warzone exploit lets you get unlimited Juggernaut suits

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