Warzone Pacific Caldera: How to Find Elf Team Six

CoD: Warzone Pacific Caldera’s Festive Fervor event will feature an elf team called Elf Team Six. Shooting these elves will generate a high level of loot.

Celebration Enthusiasm Event Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera Introduced an Elf Special Operations Team named Elf Team Six. This team needs players to find and shoot in order to earn high levels of loot. Players must search for elves throughout the map and complete the elven challenge to succeed. Challenges include players finding members of Elf Team Six, shooting them, tracking through the area, and attacking everyone within the time limit.

Elves Team Six Elves like to hide around Warzone Pacific Caldera A map of a unique place. Players can locate members of Elf Team Six by paying attention to the surrounding sounds.Keeping conscious also warns the player of the sound Overwhelmed villain, Krampus.. When the player hears the high-pitched laughter emanating from a particular area, a member of Elf Team Six lurks nearby. Players need to follow a high-pitched laugh until they find a green elf hiding in the area.

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Members of Elf Team Six prefer to hide in hard-to-reach places that are hidden behind them. When players hear a high-pitched laugh, they need to determine which direction it is coming from. Laughing elves often hide behind things or in troublesome places.Members of Elf Team Six are known to be hiding behind boxes, hay bales, and other obstacles. Warzone Pacific Caldera.. Players can also find them hanging on rafters, sitting in the corners of the shade, or hiding near the corners of the ceiling.Finding elves and completing challenges is some of the most fun new things change of Warzone Pacific Caldera..

Find Elf Team 6 Hidden in the Warzone Pacific Caldera

Warzone Festive Faber Winter Event Elf Team Six Members

Once the player finds a member of the Elf Team Six, he must shoot the elf once with one of the guns. When struck by a bullet, the elf disappears into a cloud of colored smoke and confetti. The elf then teleports to another location in the same area. For example, if an elf was inside a building, it is usually on the same floor when teleporting. From time to time, the elf teleports right next to the original location. The same principle applies to elves found and shot in outdoor areas. Follow the elf’s high-pitched laughter to identify the location when teleporting the area after being attacked.

If the player finds a teleport elf and shoots it three times, it will finally explode again. Elves will now drop high-tier loot such as gold and purple guns, armor satchels, gas masks, self-recovery kits, and kill streaks. The player kills 12 members of the Elf Team Six, Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera..If the player has it, it’s okay to shoot 12 elves Appropriate attachment attached To their guns.Elf Team Six members are hiding around Warzone Pacific Caldera Map until the FestiveFervor event ends on January 4th.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera Available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S / X, Xbox One, and PC.

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