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With the recent launch of Call of Duty Vanguard, Warzone Pacific will launch a new map caldera just days after the start of Season 1. The caldera marks a new era of massive pulse-pounding tactical combat.

Starting December 8th with the start of Season 1, Vanguard players will have 24-hour early access to the caldera before it becomes available to everyone else on December 9th. There is a dedicated playlist with new vehicles, an introduction to Vanguard’s weapons, and more. We are looking forward to the spectacular year of free content starting this year as well.

Introducing the caldera

This is one big island. Caldera consists of 15 huge and clear areas for exploration and fighting, including hundreds of points of interest to investigate and use in your favor. I emphasized only three to understand my future plans.

Navy Weapons Factory

Located on the north coast of the caldera, this vast shipyard features a strategic combination of internal and external combat opportunities, including rare battlefields such as deep dry dock basins and radar arrays. Inland, there are also large buildings that house a lot of loot.

Clear water lagoon

The old lighthouse overlooks a shallow bay with bamboo huts and a quaint coastal community with recently built homes. Cross the lagoon and uncover its secrets, including the wreckage of Captain Butcher’s plane.

Caldera capital

The main city of the caldera is located in a huge natural basin along the southern coast of the island, with various historic buildings on either side of the tram system. The hillside suburbs and lighthouses offer space and height compared to the bustling downtown, while the south coastal development of the city offers luxurious beachfront yacht clubs and bars.

There is also a central volcano, named after the island. Only the most intense operators can hope to face that danger.

Season 1 brings Vanguard integration

When Season 1 begins on December 8th, all Call of Duty: Warzone players will have access to Vanguard content, including 40 new weapons, over 12 new operators, Vanguard calling cards, emblems and more. increase.

Cross Progression between Vanguard and Warzone will also be enabled to rank up in Season Prestige and unlock new content through the new Vanguard content in both games in the Battle Pass system, Challenges and Stores.

Season 1 will bring vanguard to the entire Battle Royale experience, so try out the new content on Play Island.

Duke It Out with Vanguard Royale

Dive into Vanguard Royale, a major featured playlist with the launch of Season 1. The best way to experience World War II in the caldera, including a streamlined loot system that supports only vanguard weapons, as well as new vehicle sets such as fighters and 4×4 all-terrain vehicles. is. As a reward for completing in-game events, discovering powerful items from around the world and completing contracts each time you collapse.

Return to Easter Island

To celebrate the start of Season 1, at the beginning of the December 8th season, experience a special one-day Rebirth Island playlist (Resurrection and Mini Royale) before everything moves to the third week caldera. please.

During the season, featured playlists include Return to Easter Island for resurrection and other game modes, while new limited-time modes include calderas such as Vanguard Plander, Vanguard Revival, and other festive surprises. Will be focused on.

Warzone Experience Innovation

Store Gulag equipment: The player who wins the Gulag match will return to the map with the equipment given before the duel. Efficiently deal with enemies, increase the tools you have at your disposal, and return to the caldera.

Balance adjustment: To prepare for the launch of Warzone Pacific, Raven Software has scrutinized various balance changes. Dead silence is weakening. Stopping power rounds are gone. Stun grenade, heartbeat sensor, and dual wield melee weapons have also been adjusted. Expect buffs, especially for deadly and tactical equipment.

Pace adjustment: Players can only purchase loadout drop markers from the purchase station after a loadout drop event has occurred in the match. This makes the predatory gameplay loop more important while slightly rebalancing the power curve of the match.

Gas mask changes and new gas cylinders: Gas masks don’t interrupt as many actions as they used to, so you can focus on what you have when fighting in or around a circle collapse. Gas cylinders will also be introduced in Season 1. When a gas cylinder explodes, it emits the same harmful steam, although it has a smaller radius.

Shallow: Riffles in areas like lagoons make it difficult to see the footprints of enemies, even if equipped with a tracker park. Operators who crouch in knee-high water can also benefit from cold blood. Finally, fire-based equipment will now emit smoke when hit by water, providing a new layer of tactics as it passes through shallow pools.

Contracts and public events: Caldera introduces new contracts such as Supply Drop Contract and Big Game Bounty. Public events such as the resurrection from Restocks and Rebirth Island are also coming to the caldera.

Explore the caldera in the secrets of the Pacific Ocean

Discover important information about the caldera through the Secrets of the Pacific limited-time event starting November 24th in Warzone and Vanguard. Stop at Verdansk on the final day to capture and extract information about the caldera’s points of interest and earn in-game rewards that will be available when Season 1 debuts on December 8.

Stay tuned for more details on all the free new content coming in Season 1, including new weapons, new operators, and new Vanguard multiplayer maps.

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What to expect in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season One

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