Warzone player hunting glitchers for unlimited jaguar notes

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The number of large armored suit upgrades known as Jaguar Notes is skyrocketing Call of Duty: War Zone Thanks to the new glitches, some skilled players are no longer in the way to hunt down enemies using them.

Glitch spawning duplicate Jaguar notes is easy to try, but can be difficult to remove.So call of Duty Player Cable711 I will explain In a recent video (via VGC), The trick revolves around trying to summon a Jaguar note while picking up a score streak at the same time.Because the Jaguar notebook full of loot is guaranteed Subway easter egg room, Cable711 goes there, grabs it, picks up the UAV and throws it, spawning the Jaguar Note Care Package into the game without running out of his canister. It’s easy to spoil the timing, but with some practice, the Cable 711 was able to spawn more than a dozen in a single match.

Credit: Cable711

“If I was playing a duo game here, my teammate would go to the Easter egg on the subway and die,” he says. “I went through, grabbed the Jaguar Note and got an additional UAV. When he won his grag, I threw this and only me when he returned from his grag You can get a Jaguar note for him instead. “

Jaguar Note Killstreak is controversial among some players War zone Thanks to Gear’s bullet sponge armor and Minigun, you can build up odds with one person’s favor later in the match. Faced with their entire squad is virtually guaranteed to be sentenced to death. But not for everyone, some of the more skilled players in the game are beginning to emphasize looking for these encounters to punish potential glitch abusers.

“The Jaguar Note Easter Egg is a plague in our lobby,” wrote one player. With Reddit.. “So we hunt them and listen to their anger.” Some players have overtaken the Jaguar Note, while others are using more sneaky tactics.One player wiped out the enemy team of Jaguar Note By lure them into a bunch of explosives..Some calmed down Riot shield and close teamwork Just to defeat the colossus.Trying to take on Jaguar notes was a staple of their time War zoneBut because glitch players are approaching it with a newly discovered gust.

On the other hand, the hope of Cable711 is to increase the visibility of glitches so that glitches can be fixed faster. This is because there is a team of Jaguar notes for every group of players trying to equalize the odds. Absolutely shredder Everyone who gets in the way.

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