Warzone Verdance Caster Eggs Found on the Black Ops Cold War Zombie Map

The new Easter egg found in Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak mode refers to a dubious experiment being conducted in Verdansk, the country of Warzone.

Reference to Call of Duty: War ZoneVerdansk, a fictional setting of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarZombie mode.The· call of Duty Black Ops The storyline is constantly infused with mysteries and plots, and the latest in the series is no exception.Besides, with core integration call of Duty In game and warzone mode, there were multiple instances where the universes intersected each other. Many speculate that this Easter egg has something to do with a nuclear attack that is rumored to be heading for Verdansk.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Released in November 2020, it was generally well received. One of the bestsellers call of Duty Installment payments in recent years. The game is a long-term “Black Ops“We’re also seeing a resurgence of zombie mode, a story arc and fan favorite. The game’s weapons, equipment, and operators have been integrated into something very popular. Call of Duty: War Zone At launch, we were able to loosely connect the stories of the two games.Since then, many speculate that major changes will occur. War zone To show the shift in settings from the 2019s Duty Modern Warfare Call..

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Contributor GameRant, The player details what happened on the clipboard within call of Duty Zombie generation mode It refers to the fictional country of Verdansk War zone Is set. Redditor Dialga117 A clipboard has been placed on the second floor of asylum in the mode sanatorium area. This clipboard shows that the Russian government is conducting an experiment on a group of people known as the “Yamantau Protocol”.Some fans may recognize the “Yamantau Protocol”, which played an essential role in the original. Black Ops‘story.

The clipboard says that the experiment will continue somewhere in Verdansk. This will War zone With the universe Black Ops Cold War space. This Easter egg was added according to continuous speculation: Nuclear attack is heading for Verdansk It will change the map for the new season next month. Zombies have been moving across Verdnask for the past few weeks. This latest discovery will continue speculation about the future of Warzone in the coming weeks.

Integration Black Ops Cold War To War zone It wasn’t smooth. Battle Royale has been plagued by a cycle that balances the problems Activision has struggled to catch up with and the glitches that break the game. recently, Very powerful weapon War zone Be nervous After a long term in dominating the playspace, but many speculate that another group of weapons will soon replace them. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarSeason 3 is just around the corner.With core games Call of Duty: War Zone..

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Source: GameRant, Dialga117 / Reddit

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Warzone Verdance Caster Eggs Found on the Black Ops Cold War Zombie Map

https://screenrant.com/warzone-verdansk-easter-egg-zombies-map/ Warzone Verdance Caster Eggs Found on the Black Ops Cold War Zombie Map

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