Was it Agatha all the time in WandaVision?It was almost never

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Who is ruining everything? It was almost someone else.

that is Wandavision Author Jac Schaeffer Said in an interview with Entertainment tonight..At least it never happened Agatha all the time After all. At least initially, the relationship between Wanda and Agnes was revealed /Agatha Harkness (((Kathryn Hahn) Was more consistent with how it was displayed in comics.

“In the early stages, she acted as more mentor. Then, when we entered the room and really started breaking episodes legally, having more suitable adversaries was very much in the structure. It turned out to be useful, so she moved more and more in that direction, “Schafer said. Said.. “But we never lost sight of the possibility she was a mentor, teacher, partner and confident. All of that still injected all their scenes together. And I want to say that there is a version of the story where Wanda and Agatha walk together towards the setting sun, do you know? You could see it, and it’s out of them I think they led to a better writing for those gray tones out there. “

As we see in the end, The story of Agatha and Wanda may not be over. That sunset walk may still be in the store and I’m fine with that.As Schaefer said ET, The two are very similar, but there is one major difference.

“Well, and they can be good or bad,” Schaefer said. “They are bright and dark. It’s all spectrum. I don’t know. I feel it all comes down to intent. Everything Agatha says, she’s telling the truth. She’s telling the truth. Tells Wanda what to ask, but Agatha’s agenda is ultimately pretty selfish. “

The two are a brilliant pair and I wouldn’t be angry Falcon & Winter Soldier Plot lines of hostile companions of these two lines. The two were able to use their companions.

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