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In the parallel universe, Nicolas Cage was Superman.Cage was going to flick and star as a steel guy Superman lives, And unlike many other movies trapped in development hell, this superhero photo looked like it was happening-it even started costumes!After this Superman Production was discontinued, and images of Nicolas Cage in formal wear were leaked online, with mixed results.

The movie would have been immersed in Death of Superman Lore (finally seen on the big screen thanks to Zack Snyder Batman v Superman), And it will take the viewer to an important vehicle on the DC timeline. Here, Brainiac works with Lex Luthor to block the sun and end in Metropolis. As the name implies, Superman dies, resurrections, and wins, saving mankind in the process.

Alas, Conair And Face / off Stars, blue tights and matching capes and underwear ups didn’t soar on the big screen. Put on your suit and see why this obvious cheese fest was never intended. And see if there are other Hollywood gems that should have happened but never happened.

Nicolas Cage’s Man of Steel

Several screenplays have been developed For Nicolas Cage to play Superman, but the two are especially famous cartoon lovers Kevin Smith (sales clerk, Mall Rats, dogma, DC episode flash). But long after Smith completed the draft, another pop culture figure landed on the Nicolas Cage as Superman scene. And this was experienced.

Michael Keaton Director Tim Burton Batman And Batman ReturnsWas going to return directly to connect Nicolas Cage Superman lives In his previous Gothic iteration of DC Super Hero. As a homage to Burton’s predecessor, Jack Nicholson was nominated as Smith’s dream casting for the role of Lex Luthor, and it was confirmed that Michael Keaton would also appear, but for Batman it was “not accurate. “.

With a strange serendipity touch, Smith picked out a future Batman actor Ben Affleck For the role of Superman.Later, he defended Zack Snyder’s choice to cast Affleck as a Caped Crusader and explained that he needed someone to play with. Bruce Wayne – Any Yorkle in Hollywood can throw a mask, but developing a bat required someone to play Wayne.

Nightmare in front of Superman

Nicolas Cage Superman lives Not to mention the DC Universe, it’s far from the only project Tim Burton left in the dust.After all, Burton oversaw the first two Batman A movie to the praise of critics. However, some of his more eerie and more dangerous rendition choices can cost him a franchise.

Following Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman’s overt sexual behavior and the cruel and horrifying nature of Danny DeVito’s penguins Batman ReturnsWarner Bros. was worried that a third installment of aesthetics inspired by Tim Burton’s dark noir could undermine sponsorship opportunities.

In other words He infuriated Ronald McDonald..Tim Burton said Yahoo!: “I think McDonald’s was upset. (They asked)’What’s that black thing coming out of the penguins’ mouth? That’s why you can’t sell Happy Meal!”

More moral anger was poured in when influential family groups such as the Pigeon Foundation expressed fear that Happy Meal for children under the age of 10 was interrelated. Batman Returns – Characters who hang black bleeds, chew people’s noses, wear S & M-inspired clothes, and regularly violently kill people they come in contact with.

Burton’s planned sequel, Batman continues Would have been a direct sequel to Batman Returns.. The rumored cast list is long and includes Brad Dourif as Scarecrow, Robin Williams as Riddler, Marlon Wayans as Robin, and Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face.But there is a silver lining – some aspects of the abandoned sequel were later Developed into Christopher Nolan Influential reboot Batman Begins..

Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon

Of course, all the movies in the trash Superman A flick starring Nicolas Cage, or an R-rated comic with marketing for kids. Dive into Stanley Kubrick’s “The Best Movie Ever Made”.Completing his original sci-fi classic 2001: A Space OdysseyKubrick decided that his next film would be Napoleon Bonaparte’s biography.

Kubrick’s dedication to his biography surpassed what he had previously tried. He reportedly read 276 books on the Emperor of the French and sent researchers to investigate Europe for information on Napoleon and the French Revolution.

No details Too small for Kubrick.. From the color of the soil to the shape of the horseshoe-shaped nails, Kubrick decided to do justice for this large-scale project. The script was expanded to 148 pages, but only covered the small times of Napoleon’s life. Kubrick’s purpose is reportedly to “make viewers feel (although epic) as if they were watching a current affairs program.”

As we were ready, production began to grow. Kubrick rented 50,000 members of the Romanian army to plan to use real-world locations throughout France, limiting the need to create a film set, but the film as a whole from start to finish. There was no need to set a high cost.

Alas, the budget is swelling, there is a fear from the MGM studio, and there is external interference. Kubrick rejected The permission to shoot what he thought would be “the best movie ever made”. But less than three years after his failure, he succeeded in shooting and releasing. A clockwork orangeAt the same time, it is considered one of the most controversial and admired film adaptations in film history.

Was Nicolas Cage really a Superman? Every movie we want happened – Film Daily

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