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Teddy Bridgewater has been criticized for his comments on the coach’s staff, but is the former Carolina Panthers quarterback much more correct?

Things didn’t go as expected Teddy Bridgewater With Carolina Panthers.Quarterbacks experienced some real complexity in 2020-especially at once-it moved from the player after just one season for the organization. Sam darnold Instead.

Inaccurate movement Go as planned Without the service of Christian Macafree with him.

Darnold retreated considerably last month.His status as a team starter hangs on a thread, swirling rumors about Deshaun Watson’s potential deal. Houston Texans Does nothing to suggest that Carolina is convinced USC Products are the ones who move them forward.

This is all Panthers..

The legal complexity that surrounds Watson cannot be ignored.But the fact that they gave up Darnold’s second and fourth picks – Bridgewater Denver Broncos In the case of the sixth round and the $ 17 million dead cap figure – it indicates that the actual plan has not been implemented and is costing a lot.

Bridgewater was very critical of the Panthers as he left the organization.

In the “All Things Covered” podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden, signalers highlighted some. About practical strategy It wasn’t a necessary standard, it was a hindrance to the team in 2020.

“I say this, for Joe Brady’s growth, they will have to practice different things in different ways. One of the things we didn’t do much when I was there. One is that I didn’t practice the two minute drill, I didn’t practice the red zone … I didn’t practice on Friday, but I walked around the red zone and went out on Saturday to practice the red zone. However, there were only 15 people in charge of the live performance. “

Bridgewater was advertised with sour grapes by following most of these comments.

But judging from what he’s seen so far this season, he may make sense.

Carolina Panthers has no clear plans without Christian McCaffrey.

The Panthers started running in the first three games.But when McCaffrey was hit by a hamstring problem and a complete catastrophe, things soon began to be solved. New York Giants Regarding crime, it raises further questions about the current regime and how they do their business.

This is not the most experienced coaching staff at the NFL level. But we are now almost half of Carolina’s second season under Matt Roll, and the same problem continues to occur almost every week.

Whether it’s the planning stage, practice problems, lack of in-game execution, or a combination of all three, Carolina needs to come up with a solution quickly. Otherwise, the 2021 campaign will be out of control.

Bridgewater hasn’t done much in Broncos after a strong start. Whether the Panthers will be 3-4 or higher, especially in Louisville products, is another matter.

Carolina gambling in Darnold looks like a miscalculation unless there is a dramatic turnaround in the coming weeks. Return the Panther to one of the squares to find a long-term successor to Cam Newton.

Something is wrong. And at least Bridgewater now has a sense of proof, even though he later revealed that these comments were out of context.

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Was Teddy Bridgewater always right? Was Teddy Bridgewater always right?

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