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But as the seconds went by, he remained standing to accomplish something unthinkable a while back. On Sunday night in Philadelphia, cobblestone Smith led the Washington Football Team to an ugly 20-14 victory over the Eagles, winning the NFC East and securing the playoff berth for the first time in five years.

“This is special just because it was all hard, how hard everything was, and how it was in the men and the organization,” said Ron Rivera. “There’s a great group of young men out there and we’re trying to do things the right way. It’s really cool to come out and get a division.”

Smith overcame the tension in his right calf and relied on the pillars of the game to help the team maintain their lead early, but his maneuverability was limited throughout the second half. It was flashy, it wasn’t. Quite, that was definitely not the case.

“At the beginning of the game, it feels pretty good, moves around and is pretty light on my feet,” Smith said after the game. “But I definitely started to feel a little in the second half.”

However, in the first half Smith did the job, leading Washington with a long drive consisting of quick and short passes to various receivers, protecting the ball at all costs. He managed the tempo, managed the game, and managed the Washington score for half the game.

“I thought he started really well,” Rivera said. “I thought a lot of good things happened. At some point I think we were a little too cautious — we shouldn’t be cautious, but I think. [offensive coordinator] Scottie [Turner] He was trying to get the ball out of his hand right away and took care of it for a moment. I’m just trying to keep him upright. “

The team snapped the drought of points during the season to their first possession, performed 15 plays, and 8 minutes to score 91 yards with a 5-yard touchdown pass from Smith to the similarly disabled Terry McLaughlin. It took more than that.

Rookie Come Karl’s versatility has allowed him to evolve from a subpackage defensive back to a powerful game-changing safety, intercepting Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts on his next drive at Eagles. , Returned to attack only 11 seconds after leaving the ball. field.

When Dustin Hopkins scored a 42-yard field goal in the first quarter to 10-0, Washington quickly expanded its lead despite failing third and seventh. But in the game, Washington should have easily beat the Eagles team, who had already risen from the playoffs battle and excluded many of its key players-it’s starting to unravel.

Philadelphia’s first scoring drive dropped defense due to costly mistakes and the inability to delay Hearts, and Hearts broke into the end zone for a 6-yard touchdown in the second quarter. Six minutes later, he did it again and set up this 6-yard rush touchdown with a 30-yard completion in a failed electric shock by Washington.

Philadelphia suddenly found a rhythm in the third down, while Washington lost rhythm as Smith became more restricted by his injuries. His second sack resulted in a three-out, after which the pass to the running back was thrown and missed the opportunity to touchdown under pressure. As the rush approached, Smith threw the ball away, as Philadelphia’s blown-out coverage made Camsims wide open in the corner of the end zone.

But by then Smith was able to make up for the mistakes, hide them and calm the young attack. In the next play, Washington chased 14-10 with 26 seconds remaining, and Smith threw a bullet at tight-end Logan Thomas. Logan Thomas was less than a yard away from the defender and jumped into the touchdown.

“I thought he did a good job, especially in two minutes by car,” Rivera said of Smith. “The opening drive and the two minute drive are almost as good as it gets, it really is, and it shows that we can click when we are clicking. But as a soccer team We have room for improvement. “

Washington has entered a half-time break in hopes of starting the third quarter with a double dip and another score. However, the efficient and clean game known to be offered by Smith has disappeared, and Washington has instead started the third quarter with two three-outs and Smith’s interception. Smith hit his arm from the chest of his running back with a short pass to JD Maxic. Safety at the 15-yard line in Washington of Marcus Epps.

The defense allowed the Eagles to sneak up on the four-yard line, but not more, and was forced to turn down down to keep Washington’s favorable score at 17-14. Still, Smith and the attack couldn’t fill that lead, so Philadelphia resorted to extreme measures to help Washington accept such a resisting gift.

Hurts was put on the bench in the fourth quarter, despite being healthy and having a solid match up to that point. Nate Sadfeld took over Philadelphia’s quarterback and immediately threw an intercept. Washington returned with Smith’s second pick after Thomas collapsed on the route and Eagles linebacker TJ Edwards invested capital.

Rivera said he “thought” about the quarterback change, but chose to stick with Smith and his game plan.

With the help of Sadfeld’s fumble after two plays, Washington scooped up rookie Chase Young and then sprinted 10 yards high to launch an attack on Philadelphia’s 25-yard line.

After a tackle hold call to Morgan Moses and Smith’s pass on the line, Washington missed the chance to extend its lead to 20-14 with another 42-yard field goal by Hopkins in the middle of the fourth. Accepted without.

Still, Washington continued to fight good luck, even though the ridicule of the NFC East from fans and the media seemed to peak. Stephen Sims Jr. muffed the punt (he recovered), Smith fumbled with a bobble snap (he also recovered), Washington spurred force down conversion (thanks to the Eagles penalty), I finally finished with a victory. , NFC East title, a wild card game with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a Saturday night book.

Smith finished with 22 out of 32 passcuts and a rating of 75.3 with 162 yards and two touchdowns. But he remained standing and led Washington to an unimaginable one.

“When you see such a guy he experiences as before, just keeps fighting and keeps himself in place to help this team, you give him enough credit about it. “I can’t,” McLaughlin said of Smith. “… this is pretty sweet about everything we have experienced as a team and everything he has experienced individually.”

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Washington defeats Eagles, claiming NFC East title and playoff harbor Washington defeats Eagles, claiming NFC East title and playoff harbor

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