Wasteland 3 patch 1.2 will be released early next week. “1.3 is coming soon”

According to a Reddit post today, Wasteland 3 is getting a major patch early next week. Mattonomicon, community manager at inXile, has announced that it will “provide a large amount of fixes and improvements.” how many? The draft version of the patch notes is currently about 12 pages. It probably separates certain console and PC fixes, but it still crushes a ton of bugs. In addition to these bugs, you can expect “fixes, improvements, some new quality of life heat, and a great chunk of balance changes.”

If you have a problem in Yuma County, version 1.2 may also fix the problem. Version 1.3 will be released early next week and by the end of the month. Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian localization support, and Mac and Linux support will be added.

Our own Jeremy loved it in his review, but patch 1.2 sounds like it makes the game better. If you’re doing your best, this may be the time to dive into Colorado’s snow-covered apocalyptic wasteland. Next year, we may end a big game before a lot of new content comes out.

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Wasteland 3 Patch 1.2 Coming Early Next Week; “1.3 Is Scheduled Shortly Thereafter”

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