Watch a robot flip with parkour in a stunning futuristic video

Boston Dynamics, an advanced engineering company, has released an amazing new video showing Atlas robots running parkour. This includes performing object bounces and backflips.

“Through jumps, balance beams and vaults, we push the Atlas to the limit and discover the next generation of mobility, perception and athletic intelligence,” the company said.

Two 5-foot 190-pound Atlas robots take part in a parkour course, running across banked plywood panels, performing jumps and running up stairs. Another robot does the course in reverse. Then both robots land a synchronized backflip. Next, one of the robots shows off its success by emoting the phrase “dirty from the shoulders.”

As Boston Dynamics said in a blog post, this test didn’t go completely because other robots were supposed to celebrate a “chachin” that resembled an arm pump by a baseball pitcher. “The robot pumped his arm, but he also stumbled a bit on this simple move. This is just a few stutter steps that most people watching the video won’t notice, but the Atlas team I’m aware of the details and want to get them. That’s right. “

Boston Dynamics, which was acquired today earlier this year, is ultimately trying to create a robot that can work with humans. Scott Kuindersma, leader of the Atlas team, said the company believes this will happen within the next 20 years.

“Twenty years later, I find it hard to imagine a world without mobile robots capable of graceful and reliable movements and the ability to work with humans to enrich our lives,” Kuindersma said. Says. “But we are still in the early stages of creating that future. We hope to get a glimpse of what such a demonstration is possible.”

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