Watch Dogs: Legion Character Creation

Watch Dogs: Legion Provides a fully embodied story of Ubisoft watch dogs world. Set in London, you literally play like anyone on the field. This can change the playfield because one character doesn’t have to hold the story firmly. That said, if you choose so, there is a character creation feature for your horde of characters. Sure, it will take some time to find out!

How does character creation work? Watch Dogs: Legion?

Character creation is because you need to have such a diverse cast of operatives Watch Dogs: Legion It behaves differently than most games. Once you have control over the character you want to change, go to your wardrobe. These are the red, futuristic lockers you can find in important buildings. This will bring up a customization screen where you can change your basic clothes and wear a mask.

You can play “anyone”, so you can’t change the actual functionality of the character. Hopefully you can find people you like to look at and customize them in your spare time.

Don’t be too obsessed! You can customize your character to your liking, but if you run out of health, your character can die forever (if Permadeath is on). Therefore, if you are too careful, highly customized characters may not live long.

Thankfully, they don’t steal clothes forever. Any character you bring into your wardrobe can wear the same outfit if it’s your preference. Alternatively, you can change the outfit for the entire team. The world of fashion is your oyster!

It’s a pity that you can’t even change your hairstyle, but this may be the point. There should be plenty of diverse people who are unique in at least some respects. And no one wants to do it for all the freedom lovers in London, just as character creation is fun!

Watch Dogs: Legion Character Creation | How to Customize

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