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DedSec is back. A group of dissident hackers have returned to free the city of Dystopia London from Watch Dogs Legion’s private military company Albion (especially). After Aiden Pearce and Marcus Holloway previously appeared as protagonists, players have the opportunity to control almost everyone, from spies and secretaries to loan sharks and living statues.

Each team can be filled with up to 48 new hires and possible new hires (scan and add someone to your watchlist). However, what you need to know to participate is that there are some specific characters that offer special benefits that are worth taking advantage of. Therefore, we have compiled a list of all the major skilled operatives that can be added to Team DedSec.


Anarchists can be found in Southwark, are well trained for confrontations, and have studded placemats and smoke grenades on blind enemies. Thankfully, they are not only immune to gas, but also wear mouthguards to reduce melee damage.


The bustling beekeeper is located in the city of London, where you can summon holographic swarms of flying insects. In addition to this, they have shorter arrest times, impact resistance, carry bees and exploding overcharged weapons, and amaze all enemies.

Drone expert

The Lambeth unlockable drone expert offers faster hacking and the ability to quickly ally your Albion drone. Next to this, a dive bomber gadget can fire a drone at an enemy and summon a unique shock drone to assist in laser firing.

Soccer hooligan

The football hooligans kicking off at Islington and Hackney are packed with one hell of punches, specifically KO punches, allowing for faster knockouts. Also, the more you drink, the less damage you will get, and you can invite your friends to join the fight through the rally cry.

Getaway driver

Getaway drivers are rewards for releasing Tower Hamlets and arriving in their own custom vehicle. It also has a combat crowbar, anti-chase benefits for resistance with chase drones, and a hacking feature that allows you to quickly move your car aside if needed.


Hacking is a big part of Watch Dogs: Legion, so hiring a Camden-based hacker for your team will make you even more prepared. In addition to having a larger hacking radius, the character can access the keys from any distance, use shock hacks to damage enemies, and sometimes receive a nice little ETO (in-game currency) bonus. I can.

Professional hitman

A professional hitman can look good on the Nine Elms and bring both the convenient Desert Eagle and the G36 assault rifle to the table, perfect for any infiltration. Veteran killer also provides evasion avoidance, immediate gun takedown, and additional faction damage to Albion employees.


The spy character hiding in the City of Westminster comes with traditional weapons. A pistol with a P9 silencer, a spy watch, and a car that fits your body with less damage.


Although not technically a “skilled” operative, there are several types of characters around the world that offer uniform access benefits for easy access to safe facilities scattered throughout the game. These include construction workers, paramedics, and Albion contractors, to name a few.

Every skilled character you can recruit to your team in Watch Dogs: Legion

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