Watch Dogs Legion Comics Expand in the Game World

Ubisoft has collaborated with publisher Behemoth Comics to release a new series of comics based on iconic game franchises like Watch Dogs. IGN will be able to exclusively publish the first of these books, a limited series spun out directly from the 2020 Watch Dogs Legion.

Also known as Watch Dogs Legion, this No. 4 series is designed to act as a stand-alone story, focusing on the conflict between the game and the resistance organization known as DedSec. The series was written by Sylvain Runberg (a girl who danced with death) and by Gabriel Germain (Silencio). Germain and Alberto Massaggia both offer covers for the series.

Take a closer look at Watch Dogs Legion # 1 cover art in the slideshow gallery below.

Watch Dogs Legion # 1: Exclusive Preview

The official summary of the Behemoth series is as follows:

London Calling! Mass surveillance, militias that bring order to the streets, organized crime … The city of London has become a symbol of widespread oppression, and only those people can release it. DedSec, a resistance movement that brings together genius hackers and rebels ready to fight, is standing up to free the city from the yoke of these profiters. While investigating a mysterious disappearance at the Kennington Oval Camp, journalist Louise Hartford crosses the road with Adam Logan, known as London’s DJ “Spiral,” whose music has become a symbol of rebellion. Together, and with other unfortunate companions, they will have to infiltrate the realm of power to unravel the truth.

Look for Watch Dogs Legion # 1 on the shelves on November 3, 2021.

IGN’s Dance Tape Luton gave the Watch Dogs Legion game 8 when it was released in 2020. “Watch Dogs Legion takes Ubisoft’s open-world hacker series in an interesting new direction by allowing it to be exchanged among Londoners in the near future. There is plenty of versatility in how different characters play. Because of this, there are no traditionally advanced characters with a plump personality, and playing with permadeath can increase the tension to invade a tightly guarded area. The map is detailed and full of environmental puzzles to solve with the help of a drone. Legion is technically a bit rough, but the Sandbox-style approach is Watch Dogs’ momentary gameplay. It’s a good idea to set it further. Apart from the GTA series. “

Legion got new content in 2021, including PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of “Performance Mode” and a zombie-themed extension called “Legion of the Dead.”

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